Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm tired...

I really cannot sit in front of this computer much longer. I need a break from the promoting, the marketing, the mentoring, the liking, the pinning and even, the arguing. I'm tired of the promises, the breaking of promises, the requests and the mind changes.
This site, that site, do this, see that...I'm tired.
Don't get me wrong-I still love creating but the other side is wearing me thin (HA-that's a wishful thought...thin!)
We know I'm not faithful to this blog but I have been attentive to Facebook and Pinterest and my shops & I need to step away. 
The scary part regarding getting up from this chair is what to replace these activities with? How to fill the time? Will I survive not knowing about the  trivia? Will anyone remember me? Question my whereabouts?
We'll see. It may be short lived but up and out of this chair I go. I actually think if I do this I may (fingers crossed) give more time to just writing and this blog...maybe. 
No promises.
I need a change.
I'm tired.
(Can't even find an appropriate photo!!!!)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So bad...

This will be my last apology for not keeping up with my blog. It's never that I don't like writing or that I even don't have time. It is just last on my list.

Anyway,last posting was about the horrors involved in the building of my new porch. Here are some photos of the completed space. We love it!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A smooth path...

The screened in porch is our favorite room in the house and we use it year round. DH decided an enlargement was necessary. The porch is/was attached to a patio that is never used so enclosing the whole area made sense....right?!
We endured a pretty long process interviewing 6 contractors for our "small" project-no outdoor kitchen or fire place or big screen TV installation...just a screened room.
We ultimately chose the one that we deemed most professional and experienced. We could not get a personal recommendation from anyone so this was going on our instincts.
Once permits were received and materials delivered, 3-4 days we were told. Ha! Today is #12 of actual work. (Side's now 3:30 and there's no way they'll finish today or tomorrow!)
There were arguments between the 2 workers, bad saw cuts (remember "measure twice,cut once"?), and mis-calculations. Good work but excruciatingly s-l-o-w. Amazingly, the weather cooperated only raining on their days off.
So here we are, 15 days from the start and the end is in sight but not today.

And after all this, all I can say is how blessed and lucky we are. We do have a roof over our heads. Our possessions are in place and despite Friday's fender bender on a new car (DH was NOT hurt) we are safe and sound.

My thoughts are with the battered folks that have experienced the recent tornadoes and floods. May their future path be smooth.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crafter's Diversion

I think, no I know, I may have crafter's ADD....I am constantly looking for something new and different to make. I have the "I can do that" mind set. Friends and family are always asking "Can you make this?" And more often than not, I say yes. { mother used to tell me that the word NO was so powerful and should be used more often...I haven't learned that lesson but I am trying!}
Yesterday at my grandson's soccer game, my daughter-in-law pulled up a picture on Pinterest and said the dreaded "Can you make this?" phrase. 
Now I am not a confrontational person but the challenge was set so after dinner last night I made the request.

Cute? Yes.
Identical to the photo she showed me? Pretty close.
Am I proud of it? No...took too long for my advanced beginner crochet skills and most importantly, I didn't enjoy doing it. if I made them to sell, the profit vs. effort ratio would not be in my favor. I must like/love what I make and if I don't, it's a no-go.
Has this cured my ADD regarding crafts? No...a neighbor just requested a....oh, don't ask!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013


It is said that there are no original designs, just re-works of old ones. Also, "imitation is a form of flattery". I'm not sure if I agree but I am always a bit befuddled by the generosity of those who post "how to" tutorials. I guess they aren't selling their item and just want to share...bravo, I guess.

I have been asked "how to" make my tape measures and have politely declined. They are a huge (my description) seller for me and why would I want anyone to cut into my sales?I call them my "pet rock". No, they aren't copywrited or licensed  so recourse might be slim.

Recently a customer bought a tape measure from me and quite nicely gave me a "shout-out" on Ravelry. I went to see what what was said and discovered there was a swap going on involving decorated tape measures....uh,oh. Apparently my customer didn't have time to make one and bought mine instead but I was 'worried' that others might be copying me. Not so! Phew! 

Am I being possessive? Yes! 
Was it my original idea to make a decorated tape measure? No.
Am I making these in an original way? Yes!
And what will I do, if or when I do see copying happening? I don't know but for now I will breathe easier and keep on making my semi-original product. 

Hopefully it won't happen until the cow flies over the moon!


Saturday, March 9, 2013


My mind is blown....again! In my lifetime so many technological changes have come about. Hey,even the word technology wasn't in every day vocabulary when I was growing up. I haven't taught for over 10 years but even 10-15 years ago I'd say something in my class and the kids would go "Huh?" phonograph, cassette or transistor my self here! Teaching kids how to tell time on a real clock, not digital, became a real challenge and so many other changes.
I remember, over 20 years ago, my cousin was the first person I knew who had a cell phone. We went shopping together and I was holding her handbag while she tried on some clothes and of course, her purse rang and I nearly jumped out of my shoes! 

Yes, I've jumped on most of the band wagons and truly appreciate the convenience, the knowledge, well, everything about technology. 

Today had a weird techno-twist. Grandson #1 had a baseball game and as usual the score boards weren't working. Sometimes innings are so long that it's easy to forget outs or innings and definitely the score. Grandson #2,younger, said "Baba, get Score Simple" turn "Huh?" 30 seconds he downloaded a baseball scoring app for the iPhone. Piece of cake! In fact the official scorer kept coming to me to double check the!