Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Clock Direction

Thankfully, Taylor received her clock and loved it! (See post below) I am so glad and hope her mother-in-law loves it too.
I tried another and here it is:

Mom2Fur guessed is fabric stretched over a canvas. This opens a whole new world for my clocks. They can be customized with so many themes or colors. Just think, a special shirt can be turned into a clock!

It is fun to do something different. The kitchen clock has gotten good reviews so far in the shop. Tomorrow I'm going to try another. It is stimulating when you come up with something new and it seems to work! Ahhh, the fun of creative activities.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Summer..Ha!

Today is the first day of summer? Well, as in previous posts you know from me that the temperatures have not read the calendar at all but now officially, summer is underway. Yay!
I had an interesting week which included a near disaster while gardening and another while drying some spices and although some harm was done, so is that miserable day! And my finger will heal....
A highlight of this week was the pleasure of having been chosen for an alchemy request on etsy. Taylor from curlyfrysc (a great eclectic little shop) wanted a horse themed clock as a gift. It gave me the opportunity to try out an idea that's been flipping inside my head for awhile AND it worked!!! I am quite pleased with it and I hope the receiver is as well. The format for this will open me up for another clock design direction. Here's the one for curlyfrysc and there are NO buttons on it! Can you tell what the base is????????

Thursday, June 12, 2008

To Whine or Wine?

EVERYONE is complaining and whining about the heat this past week but not me. Yes, it's exceptionally warm for so early in the season. Yes, my gorgeous flowers are burning despite frequent watering. Yes, there is no deodorant on the market that helps in these conditions. And yes, our air conditioning bill may require a bank loan.
But we are blessed. We do not live in the tornado belt which has been vicious this year. We are not near any over flowing rivers that are washing away homes. We are not in the hurricane zone. We are in a drought but have no fires like California and Florida. So.... it's hot. I'll take that and some wine! Off to the studio....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Think Pink...finally!

Finally, our family can buy pink. My nephew and his wife welcomed Samantha Rose into the world today. The first girl in forever!!!! It is wonderful to think pink. Boys are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but this family is over loaded with them! I will send the clock below from the shop but also have a knit blankie and some knit bibs and wash cloths and and and....the box will be full! As soon as I finish this darling sweater I'm working on, off it will go. Actually, the sweater isn't pink but purple, orange and yellow. Sounds awful but it really is great. The picture is on the right. Can't wait to meet you, Samantha Rose♥.