Monday, October 26, 2009

Stash Scarf

The other day one of my yarn bins flipped over and spilled the neatly placed contents...ugh! A tangled mess. I decided to grab a few balls and see what type of scarf to create. I had the beginnings of a pattern but really winged it by just picking out the largest balls in 4 coordinating colors. It's knit lengthwise so it was about 150 stitches on large needles but only 10 rows so it didn't take all that long. It came in measuring almost 6 feet. Very soft!

Oh, and yes, I still have the crud...cannot shake it. Any suggestions other than shooting myself will be gratefully considered!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Road Trip

We were worried about our NY trip since we were exposed to the H1N1 flu even though we got 10 day doses of Tamiflu. I kept starting to feel sick but it never came. Despite awful, cold, rainy weather we did have fun until the next to last leg home. A five hour stretch took 8 hours and 12 minutes but who's counting......ugh!
Anyway, we got home Saturday afternoon to a fairly clean house, loads of laundry, 5 special order requests AND disease... I am sicker than I've been in years. Better not start the special orders in case I infect them! It's not the flu, just a first class, miserable cold/sinus number and I plan on staying close to my pillow all day tomorrow.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Indie Smiles is a neat website run by 2 terrific gals who love to promote independent artists and crafters. To quote them "Indiesmiles is a one stop shopping source of online Indie shops at a discount! Here, you can discover new and emerging talent while shopping around for that perfect gift or unique item for yourself WHILE finding the best indie deals out there."
I was involved with them awhile back in a coupon promotion and now I'm a columnist! I think I've been selling online long enough to offer a bit of wisdom/advice. I certainly read alot, trying to learn more about the web. My first article is Packaging On A Dime and it's all about well, packaging! It was funny because before actual submission, I had to cut the number of words as I had too many. When it was edited what they put in was what I cut! So I guess Sue, El and I are on the same page. Also visit riricreations -her photo accompanies the article.
But before you go look at these my first sale on Zibbet!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Done!!!!

Back on August 20th, I wrote about my attempt at a crocheted afghan. I finished! It is larger than I first planned and naturally took more yarn than I anticipated and in fact, I have 2 odd squares left over. It's been complete for about a week now so one month doesn't seem like too terribly long. I did not repeat a color either in the vertical or horizontal row so that took some planning. I actually think the piecing together took as long as the crocheting but I am pleased and so is DH. It is really for his chair IF and when it ever gets cold. An afghan in South Carolina does seem a bit odd but we do have a day or two of chilly weather so now we're ready!