Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Since I entered the world of on-line sales I have learned about so many ways to promote your item, your craft, yourself. I have taken advantage of many areas such as this one, blogging, and many others. But being a bit old-fashioned, I always felt the newspaper would be a great area to pursue. Back in 2007 I launched a fairly regular letter writing campaign to get my shop on etsy and etsy in general in the news. No one even had the courtesy to answer until about 3 weeks ago. I e-mailed a journalist in the regional newspaper who focused on my town and she responded immediately. A photographer was dispatched to my house to take pictures...don't ask how long it took to clean up the studio!- and the result was in the paper this past Tuesday. It was a generally a good article except that ALL ABOUT THE BUTTONS wasn't even mentioned....ugh! Hopefully anyone coming to etsy through the article might search clocks and I'll be there...hopefully! Speaking of clocks, here's a new one to be listed soon...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of the box!

I've been trying to think of some new items/projects that would appeal on ETSY. My daughter-in-law gave me a "Knitting Day By Day" calendar last year that has been really terrific. It was produced in England & sometimes the patterns are confusing but generally I can figure them out. I had noticed fingerless gloves and hand warmers on etsy and then a pattern on this calendar so I gave them a shot. I can see the use of them when driving, working in a chilly environment or whenever you need good dexterity that gloves prevent. They are very comfortable. I altered the pattern by adding the eyelash yarn on the bottom and of course, I had to add buttons. These are truly a vintage set as I have had them for at least 25 years. What do you think of my new item?

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm giving it up!

I've waffled and wavered and said yes as often as no BUT finally.....the clock I made for the book I was in, Button!Button!, is up for sale. I really don't have a great emotional attachment to it even though I am pleased with the final results. It truly doesn't fit anywhere in my house, and needless to say, I have plenty of clocks soooooooooooooooo here she is! But maybe I should ke............NO!!!! For some reason, the book photos washed out the beautiful grain of the wood. The bottom photo is more true. Hmmmm............NO! It was on the back cover....

The other items of mine in the book were bookmarks and I think that talented Angie from Calabash Creations has bought every one! I do have more in the shop. Now about that clock.................

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


When I was a teacher, August was a down month since the start of school was creeping up fast. In addition it was a hard month because of the! No special days or events take place in August. So it was with great joy a 'holiday' was added to my August when my son was born. And then many years later, his son was born in August as well. So even though I no longer worry about the start of school and the heat is still unbearable, it's a special time with the birthdays of 2 very special males. We all had dinner out last night and all was great until B attacked the chocolate birthday cake...never has such a small piece of cake caused such a great mess on such a small person and those sitting nearby. I literally threw everything I was wearing into the wash as soon as I got home! The picture is dark as the restaurant was dark but as I snapped he was saying "Wash me,please!" Big brother is behind him, neat as a pin!

Happy Birthday J and B! Hugs and kisses,too!