Wednesday, August 6, 2008


When I was a teacher, August was a down month since the start of school was creeping up fast. In addition it was a hard month because of the! No special days or events take place in August. So it was with great joy a 'holiday' was added to my August when my son was born. And then many years later, his son was born in August as well. So even though I no longer worry about the start of school and the heat is still unbearable, it's a special time with the birthdays of 2 very special males. We all had dinner out last night and all was great until B attacked the chocolate birthday cake...never has such a small piece of cake caused such a great mess on such a small person and those sitting nearby. I literally threw everything I was wearing into the wash as soon as I got home! The picture is dark as the restaurant was dark but as I snapped he was saying "Wash me,please!" Big brother is behind him, neat as a pin!

Happy Birthday J and B! Hugs and kisses,too!


Victoria Ann said...

Maybe chocolate is a common trait with our August children!
I always feel that a child has had a good time if they are covered in mud, paint, sand or chocolate! and it can all be washed off afterwards!:)

madboodesigns x

Carol said...

Ah...teaching! I do miss the kids. Do you miss teaching? I taught 2nd & 3rd grade for eeons!