Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hanging Head In Shame..........

The thing is, I like to write. So why is keeping this blog current such an effort on my part? WHY?
Nothing since Nov.15th? Shame on me.
A smack on the back of the hand is due.

Okay, let's move on. 
It's almost 2013 and I am not going to-again-resolve to be better at posting. Either I will or I won't and you can be the judge as I admire and am in awe of all of you who do what I apparently can't. There's lots of things I can't (and don't want to) do but we'll see.
So a quick catch up....
Four shows this season...3 terrific,one awful so generally pretty okay. 
Lots of online sales...yippee. 
More contacts for potential wholesale...whoop!
We're all healthy...yes!
The kids are huge and doing great in school...A+!
DH resigned as chorus director...major yay!!!
The 5 pounds still hovers...oh,well.

To all the sometimes and always readers, please stay tuned. I love hearing from you but no promises about regular postings. After all, it's almost resolution time and they're made to be broken, right?

To all my past customers, a huge THANK YOU and I hope you return in the future.
Happy,healthy and prosperous 2013!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Of A Kind

One of a kind....what does that mean? Well, there's one. And it's the only one. There will not be any more. To me, it's that simple.
Yesterday, 2 people on Facebook went at it regarding a pair of my handwarmers. Each posted "I want". To the one I deemed more serious I said "One of a kind!'" In truth, this was the 4th of the kind as I was able to get more yarn after pair #1 and #2 sold. (There is still a #4 but different style)  But now for sure there's no more. I received back from both what my retail-career husband calls "babble"...excuses... #1-"Tomorrow when I get paid" and #2-"Let me ask my friend if she likes them". Neither asked me to hold them and I would have, but no request.
Guess what? Today they sold to person #3. And that, my friends, is what happens to those who hesitate. When buying from independent crafts people online, make no assumptions regarding availability.
Like it?
Want it?
BUY it!!!

The top pair are gone and bottom is still available and then that's it!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

We have a wedding to attend next week a mere 800 miles away! We debated about whether or not to go and one condition was that we both had the right clothes to wear and shopping (read:spending more money) wouldn't be necessary. Once that was determined we responded yes to the invitation. My friend is shocked & thrilled that we're coming and said she didn't expect it. I told here, sure, ours was a throw away invite "They'll never come!" But all kidding aside, we are looking forward to it.
I took out that 'little' black dress and a jacket that works great with it and then searched for the shoes/heels/torture containers! I do not wear heels except for...weddings! I'm tall enough and have bad feet.
Anyway, the shoes appeared to be fine but style-wise, I wasn't so sure. They are 12 years old!
I decided I'd make 2 stops to find new shoes and if not, oh well. Not only did they have to be stylish but not big bucks. I might not wear them for another 5 years. At the 2nd stop, I found a great pair, partially comfortable and the price was excellent. On the way home I remembered I had an evening bag that would work great. Bingo!
This is a very sentimental piece. My father was a leather designer and in his day very modern and clever. I only have 2-3 of his pieces & the bag is older than I am and we know, that's old.
I took it out and it instantly made me smile. As I opened it....rrrrip....the stitching was coming out on the sides...dryness,old age (just like me!). Glue? Nope. I have a machine but wouldn't dare attempt it. I took it today to a real old style shoe repair shop and gave him the details and could you please have it done yesterday? Pretty please? Well...45 seconds and $3 later the bag is perfect! I am so silly excited to be able to use it. It will hold a tiny comb, a tissue and little else but I will have my Dad's work in my hand at a special wedding 800 miles away.
I can't wait!

It's hard to tell but it is patent leather and black fabric. Yes, the lining is what?! And how about that change purse? Adorable!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What To Do or It Never Ends...

Actually, I do know what to do but it gives me agita!!! Being a parent never ends. We birth and parent our children until they leave the nest and become parents themselves. Then, unless asked, we should keep our mouths shut when we see behaviors or actions that we might have done differently but sometimes.....

First I must say how fortunate I am to not only have a close emotional and intellectual relationship with my son but physically he lives 3/10 of a mile away. No long distance between us.
I am about to confront my son regarding his children. Grandson #1 stands tall and unintentionally casts a huge shadow upon grandson #2. My son is aware of their differences and is 'usually' tuned in and responsive to the vastly different needs of the boys but he blew it last Thursday and I must tell him. I was witness to an unintended diminishing of #2 because of his Dad. Blew it big time. His wife was not witness but knows what happened and she also knows on this point he's liable to listen to me first and it will be 1 less battle she has to wage.

So always trying NOT to be a meddling mother or mother-in-law I will confront my child - 6'3",age 38, tomorrow and tell him he blew it! Agita!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


We, yes YOU, and I are so wired to be connected electronically that disaster ensues when one or more devices fail. No electric = no internet = no social interaction = kerfluie!!!!
Today, Zibbet's site has been down and multiple tailspins could be felt in the cyber universe. Really? We're all in the habit of checking our shops at least once a day (well, YOU should!) and possibly more times...tweaking, arranging, listing, etc. and today that privilege was taken away.
I,for one, was a bit thrown at first BUT it's not only Sunday but the middle of a holiday weekend. Will there be much business lost? I don't think so.
And what is wrong with walking away from the shop for a few hours, a day? I still accomplished many shop related things. I took photos of about 8-9 items and tweaked them after I uploaded (like the cowl below). I made 6 new tape measures and finished 1/2 of a new crochet head band. I printed several sheets of labels and made some mailing envelopes. I straightened up some supplies and pulled others to list on Facebook...a full business day out of the online shop!
Sometimes it's good to walk away. Now if it's still down tomorrow I may have to be creative again with my time and be a bit concerned but it's out of my hands. It is what it is. Chill!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time for a Decision....

Sometimes we make things that we and our friends and family think are the best, the latest, the greatest. And they're wrong!
I love clocks and have a small collection & many years ago decided to make and sell some. I thought they were pretty and clever, made from plates and boxes, books and discarded CDs.  Some 'strangers' have agreed and I've sold over 100 in the past few years. Custom requests were numerous and one even appeared in a published book. Reactions to them have always been so positive or has everyone lied to me?!
But they have come to a screaming standstill. They are on the expensive side to make with the cost of the clock works tripling over the years. I love the creative process when I make a clock and that satisfaction is over.
I'm done! It doesn't make sense to keep making something that takes up a fair amount of space, are awful hassles to take to shows and don't sell. I believe they make great little art pieces and are a wonderful house gift or any kind of present but the world does not agree.
Below are some of my current favorites and check All About The Buttons this week....drastic reductions. Think future gifts, Christmas, etc. If you agree with my family and friends, buy one for a great price! I'm kind of sad but the hand writing on the wall says STOP!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

N.Truro,Cape Cod

Our escape destination was guessed correctly on Facebook. Just want to share a few fun photos from a great trip, extremely long ride and fabulously fattening vacation!

And yes, I bought buttons...11 to be exact!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Away and back...

Long time between posts!!! We were planning for and going on an adventure and I'm not telling you where we went!!!! You have to guess by my picture clues. A right answer gets a 15% discount when you shop in All About The Buttons .
Here are the first 2 photos and an answer like "the beach" is not acceptable! More pix and clues will follow if no one gets it now.
Sorry, JoJo, but I have to eliminate a guess from you because I think you know!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Subscription copies are out and the public can buy on news stands and book stores July 24...the fall issue of Knit Simple magazine!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Is it better to be terribly busy and have a multiple focus or be moderately active and zoom in on the tasks at hand? Under which scenario do you function better?

I have realized I'm better off busy. These past few weeks have been filled with the, baseball,home stuff, gardening, crafting,online promoting, etc. but additionally I've been watching the kid's house and their cats, getting out the wholesale order, anticipating what 'may' happen when the magazine hits, preparing for a getaway and dealing with DH's chorus issues....a fuller plate. And guess what? It is all getting done in a timely manner. My focus can go in many directions and I can still achieve a goal. Meals have still been prepared and the house is clean (moderately!).

While we're busy we daydream about doing nothing, just relaxing and zoning out. But too much of that and we get antsy and start creating our own personal busy-ness. At least I do! Somehow doing nothing is not satisfying. I'm not saying that resting isn't valuable but the mind starts wandering into the "Gee, I could..." mode. So I welcome the busy-ness and enjoy the satisfaction of tending to all the aspects of life! The alternative is not good!
Gotta go....stuff to do!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Done and done....almost!

If I am asked to make something I really like it finished yesterday! To have an 'obligation' hanging over me is unpleasant. So, yes, I kind of rushed to complete the wholesale order. What that means is I neglected certain other activities in order to get this done. The flower beds are wilting and they are loaded with weeds. The house definitely needs vacuuming and dusting! But the order for 60 tape measures is complete.
They need to be bagged, labeled, packaged and mailed but that's a not a big deal. If I don't change the sheets this week, done!!!!
Now if I can get another big order and have no time to cook.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Blogs are either subject specific or general life stuff. Mine has been a bit about my life, alot about my business. I'm basically a private person. If you read between the lines, you know I don't brag and even have to be pushed to publicly share some news. My friends push and I usually push right back! Of course, my son and grandsons are the most intelligent, handsome and gifted persons on the planet but since you know that why do I have to blog about it?

Anyway, I'm NOT bragging but sharing some exciting personal/business news.
First, the fall issue of Knit Simple magazine will hit the news stands on July 24th and my tape measures will be a small feature....yippee.
Second, a shop in North Carolina has purchased some tape measures for their store opening in August....yippee twice.
And finally Patternworks, an established, long time yarn and supply business, is about to purchase a slew of my tapes for their online shop....yippee phew!!!!
Oh, and a local yarn shop in Denver is making inquiries also....yikes!!!

Many more still in my Zibbet shop.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I recognize, understand and have been witness to previous generations criticizing the young ones. New things come along and the older citizens don't get it. Rock 'n' Roll, long hair, war protests...I was there, they didn't get it.
I think of myself differently but I am a (proud) member of the new older generation. I have many of the 21st century toys. Some I don't but I get it, just don't 'need' it all. But I don't understand some things.
Why must you be on the phone 24/7 ?
Why do you have to put on mascarra while driving?
Why is texting while driving so necessay?
And I could go on but the other day I was greatly dismayed.
Our area has a wonderful Saturday food market downtown closing off several blocks and creating a pedestrian mall. This past weekend they added a "Touch the Truck" event for kids....garbage trucks, fire trucks, 18 wheelers and pickups were all parked  allowing little ones to...touch! Great weather and great crowds.
Walking down the street was a young couple pulling a classic little red wagon. Sitting inside was a blonde toddler boy, tucked among his parents' purchases. Cute,cute,cute...yes?
He was playing some electronic hand held device. WHY? It was a beautiful day and lots to look at. Why couldn't life entertain him as he was being pulled along? WHY?
I know, I'm old, but stop and smell the flowers,people!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stash Busting

I honestly never knew what a 'stash' was until a few years ago. I also never admitted or recognized I had a problem so here is the confession....I probably should NEVER buy yarn again.
I have some leftover, never used yarn that qualifies for the term vintage, if not antique. I also have a load that is under ten years old. A good sale is hard to resist and couple that with over-buying or never completed projects and you have a stash problem!
For the past 3 years I made a New Year's resolution to work from the stash and not buy. One year I made it all the way to February...not good.
I have yarn I know I will never use and have sold some collections to those who need more in their stash but still the bins multiply.
But I think I have the solution to this ever increasing issue with yarn.....create something that doesn't use yarn.
Sound weird? Yes, but hear me out. I have been making unique tape measures and as mentioned in another post, they have been a hit and will be in Knit Simple magazine in the fall. Consequently I haven't been in the stores searching out the next yarn buy. Oh, I'm still knitting and crocheting but have been ferociously attacking the stash. In the past month I completed 3 scarves and 3 sets of hand warmers from my bins.
So that's good, right?
Uh, that would be a no....the tape measures call for fabric. Ask me how that stash has grown!!!! Any suggestions?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A little rant.....

I am not the most profient computer user. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know. But, I do know a fair amount and don't understand something that has nothing to do with computer skills. It's manners, plain and simple.
I am talking about business e-mails. In 2012, how can you expect to have a viable, if not profitable business without responding to e-mails?
Why does a business advertise an e-mail address or a 'contact us' link if they aren't going to answer?
I am not talking about huge corporations or even large ones. I am talking about small local businesses and online shops. I am referring to businesses who are NOT so overwhelmed that they cannot devote a bit of time each day for correspondence.
Whether an inquiry is about a possible purchase or just a general question, how are these letters ignored? Who knows what positive event may occur?
And as long as I'm on my soap your spelling and sign your e-mails when you send or when you respond. 
I just received a 3 sentence (questionable sentences!)
response that was 12 words long, 3 typos/spelling mistakes, missing punctuation and no signature. Think I'll do business with you? That would be no!

Rant over! Off to get more coffee...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life,Death and Baseball

For those of you who don't know, my son is a coach for a traveling baseball team on which his son, my grandson, is a player. I love baseball and have thoroughly enjoyed going to the games, watching the boys grow, develop and play. There are 11 boys on the team at each game along with their parents and siblings. At intermittant games are the visiting grandparents. There may be an aunt or uncle except for two couples...myself and DH and the grandparents of another player, also in-laws of the assistant coach.
We have gotten moderately friendly over the past few months as the resident "older folk"!
This weekend there was an out of state tournament and we decided to go. Two hours into the trip, we stopped at a rest area and who is walking out? The other "old folks"! We both traveled on another hour to our destination and over the course of the weekend and four games we chatted many times.
The last game ended at 7:15PM Sunday night so needless to say, we had a long ride ahead of us on winding, mountain roads. We all made it safe and sound.

About 1PM Monday my son e-mailed me that last night, Billy passed away in his sleep..........what? how? why?

We are all very upset about this, needless to say. I cannot not think about him and his wife, who was about to retire so they could 'play' together.
My heart is breaking for Nancy, their daughter, son-in-law and grandsons.
Although I was a new friend, we all connected like old souls. I do believe that 'going' as he did is so peaceful although shocking.
There will be an empty seat in the stands.
The photo is his oldest grandson after a great hit during one game.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why y?

On April 28 the designated letter for the day was "Y"...not an easy one...yeast, yellow, yearn,  yarn, you!!!
As I started writing I realized after 8-10 words that I hadn't used any words with a "Y" at the start or the end or in the center.
So....the 'trick' in that post is that I did NOT use the letter "Y".
Why not? or   Y? Not!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zibbet!

Such an obvious choice! And so easy to write about but since I've done it before I won't go on and on. Aside from a few tiny issues that need tweaking, Zibbet, in my opinion is the best online, handmade venue out there today. Yes, Etsy started the ball rolling but has lost some of its mojo. After being there and on and off 5-6 other sites, I know a good site when I see it. In June it will be 3 years on Zibbet and every minute has been a treasure. I was the featured seller this week which actually is the 2nd time. I think the first time was when there were less than 50 members and the post wasn't archived so they posted me again. So if you want to know more about me, read it!
It is fitting that this last challenge post is a Z as Zibbet is the last site I will put any effort towards. If you're thinking about a move or starting to sell online, it is THE place to be.

Credit for the above photo goes to Portable Graffiti , a great Zibbet source for buttons, vintage and graphics...visit!

Regarding Saturday's Y one guessed why it was a Y post. Go back and read it and guess. I'll tell you later!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


We're nearing the end of this A to Z April Challenge and I am so glad I participated. It was a push for me and sometimes a down right struggle but I made it.
The question... will I continue to blog at a greater pace than I did before this? That remains to be seen.
As I write this I  know what the last post is so that's a good feeling.
I loved reading all the comments and exploring new blogs & I believe I gathered some new friends along the path.
Pushing for the 26 posts brought up memories, stoked my creative writing and even made me laugh sometimes...all good.
Now....who knows how this is a post for the next to the last letter????

Friday, April 27, 2012

X marks the....

One of the highlights of the school year for third graders was learning to write in cursive. They felt so grown up and important. The 3rd grade teachers were very possessive about keeping this part of the curriculum at their level. It was a relaxing, fun part of a day that was all too often filled with tension and anxiety experienced while learning and trying to understand other difficult concepts.
Side note: Today I understand cursive is barely taught. With the advent of the computer, some say "Who needs it?"...that's another post!
I was a relaxed cursive teacher. No strict formation for me. I believed readability was  important. Can a complete stranger pick up your writing and decipher every word?
You pass! My way of teaching it  was additionally fun. I grouped together letters of similar stroke and shape like lower case e,l,i, u and t, followed by m,n and h. Immediately loads of words can be formed and the children really felt so proud. Not just shape routines but real words.
One of the last letters was X and x. Based on usage, it's a rarity.
This list of letters show frequency of usage:

As you can see it's #23! And it's hard! Look at the keyboard photo below...lowly X isn't even a factor in the most often used letters typed. The English combination of words starting with ex is plentiful and soundwise, it confused the kids. Then there's advertising and the dropping of the 'e' so kids think 'xtra' is a word and spelled correctly.
Well, I won't go off on grammar and spelling issues further but today being "X-Day" brought to mind the fun days of teaching cursive.
How's your handwriting?!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Whoopee!

I won't keep you in suspense any longer if you've been waiting with bated breath since my U post the other day. I have been seriously hunting and surfing online and a bit off, for stores or sites that might want to carry my tapemeasures. They have received such a favorable reaction online and at craft shows and I love making them. They are one of the few items I like to make again and again. I have had an answer from someone and it could be a major leap but am still waiting for an additional response.
Out of the blue, unrelated to my search, I was contacted with a wholesale order for 15 of my tapemeasures!!! They are going to a store that is soon to open in North Carolina with an owner who is a huge handmade supporter. They were paid for in full and just completed and about to be shipped out. So W is definitely for wow, wonderful, way-to-go and WHOOPEE!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Vibrancy...excitement, energy, movement. I was just inspired to write about color after reading this post on Abracadebra Designs.      
Lately I've come to really appreciate and act on color and how it affects my moods, especially in my clothing. I wore a white shirt and a white hoodie the other day....blah!
Yesterday I had on a red polo with the same white hoodie...energized.
Around the house I wear t-shirts and sweats or shorts depending on the season. The dark brown, black or deep blue shirts slow me down. I have a soft orange tee (with ice cream cones on it...yum!) that seems to get me moving.
Today I'm in a true tan and white combo....okay, a little life.
I have started going through my tops and sweaters, eliminating the ones I feel sharply adjust my mood downward when I wear them. Although I might "like" the color, I seem to reject the deep colors and go more with the brights. I am pale complected and have light eyes so brights do liven my face, despite the wrinkles, they just crinkle more...
Black and white works, as the sharp contrast is lively.
My home is mostly decorated in browns, sage green and grays but with orange flower pots showing off my emerald green plants and a bit of yellow here and there.
And food? Who likes brown food? Pretzels, maybe. Yet again bright reds, oranges, greens, even blueberries are so much more energizing.
Oh, yellow...everyone hates my's BRIGHT yellow with touches of blue, a seaside theme (Cape Cod, JoJo and the photo below!) I love it despite the yellow cast it gives to your skin and hair, you have to smile in there. So here's to color and vibrancy. Thanks,Debbie. I thought V would be a tough one!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Utterly Unbelievable!

When it rains,it pours....I am not usually superstitious but I am going to keep this one a bit quiet for awhile. I have always joked about wanting to make the next pet rock or hula hoop or Chia pet. I'm not saying I have it but my tapes are beginning to sell rocks! Some great, exciting news is coming down the road so if you want is the time!
Sorry for the self-promoting for the letter U but for me, this news may be unbelievable!
Find them here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

T for Tea!

I always associated drinking tea with being sick. Along with toast (another T!) I never disliked hot tea but never sought it out unless my throat hurt or I had an unsettled feeling. Three years ago I bought some commercial flavored teas and really enjoyed them. But since I always love to buy handmade I searched and found the Teaman.  I purchased a sampler package and fell in love. Never a fan of any of the mints I preferred the fruit flavors and the vanilla, green and black tea alike.
Now, remember, I love coffee. In fact my kitchen, the one I only cook in because it's there?, has a coffee theme but I have come to prefer tea at night. Warm, delicious, soothing and although I no longer seek it out when I feel under the weather, it always makes me feel better.
Check out the Teaman, whose name....are you ready?...T for Tim!

I carry teabags in my purse, secure in this:

Saturday, April 21, 2012


When I was growing up, the term remote meant far away. Now there are 4 on the night stand.
Computer? Huh?
Microwave? Double huh!
Phones without cords? That was on sci-fi shows or in the comics. And we had ONE for the whole house.
TVs? One then, numerous now.
Books without bindings? What?
I could go on and on as we all know. The accumulation of stuff that we didn't have growing up and can't live without now is seriously amazing!
I am convinced that computers generate paper as I never had as many little slips with VERY important info on them before I had a computer. And please note, I have had a PC for a VERY long time.
But the stuff we tend to accumulate is getting out of hand.
I need more feet for the numbers of shoes I have. It is sickening how long I could go without repeating the same article of clothing. Now, since I'm so honest, I also take good care of my things and they tend to last but still...
How about the cooking/kitchen gadgets that are supposed to save us time? Maybe, but that's after the 20 minutes it takes for us to remember where we put them.
I just came back from the 10 year old's baseball game...gone are the days of carrying your mitt and bat. Each kid lugs a bag that the airlines would double the fees as a carry-on. Filled with stuff. And the parents? They have baggage carts for all their stuff.
Over the years I have had maybe 10-15 garage/yard sales as well as having made huge item donations to various charities. All the 'stuff' I rid myself of hopefully has made someone else happy but aren't I just transferring stuff from point A to point B? One man's stuff is another man's...stuff! There is no end.....
Listen to George Carlin's take on stuff and then go clean up!

Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rebecca

This post is in praise and thanks to Rebecca West. She created, mans, and works hard with the Sample Z Box shop on Zibbet. It is a voluntary job where she accepts samples and donations from other Zibbet shop owners and places them in groupings for sale, advertises, packs up sales and ships them out. It is a wonderful and inexpensive way to get some fabulous creations and get a taste of Zibbet.
Rebecca maintains a Facebook  page and blog all in the name of ZBox and promoting others. This is in addition to caring for her adorable daughter as well as some other toddlers every day of the week. Oh, and she has 2 great shops of her own:
Body and Soul
Rebeccas Jewelry

A wonderful side benefit of online selling is meeting terrific people like Rebecca.
Thank you for all your efforts!
This week on the ZBox blog is a giveaway that I donated to so do check it out. Should you win there will most likely be an additional gift in your package.

Z Box:
Giveaway from:All About The Buttons!!!!
This is o...
: Giveaway from: All About The Buttons!!!! This is one unique shop! Barbra has found a way to incorporate buttons into all of her...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ah, the dreaded Q....

Out on my quest for quality quahogs,I ran into a quarrelsome fellow quester who was in a quandry while  trying to determine quality in what would qualify for his chowder. I quickly quantified my abilities as a quahog expert and quizzed my fellow quester about size. The quiz perturbed the quahog quester and he procceed to question my qualifications.  The quirky questioner quieted when I said I was a quadragenarian of many years clamming in Quonset. "Oh", he replied, "Your quirky questions were quite surprising. May I address you as the Queen of Quahogs?" I bowed to his quixotic question and quickly quoted my quahog fees...invite me for chowder as long as there was a quorum of quite like minded quahog questers present. "Done", he answered quite quietly.

PS....the chowder was delicious!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


No, this is not a sentimental post regarding a long ago loved and admired grandfather.
Pay attention!!! Pay attention!!!!!! PaPa....
As a teacher it was tempting to say that several times a day but I tried hard to not single children out. If there was a distracting behavior I dealt with that and not a public scolding with PAY ATTENTION!!!
Today, 2012, paying attention seems to be a lost art.
Talking on a cell while conducting a store transaction instead of pay now, talk later.
Texting while driving....need I say more?
Playing an electronic game while watching television and missing the whole theme of a show and then questioning others so they miss what they were paying attention to...phew!
Multi-tasking has become an art and some would say, a necessity. Sadly, few do it well. When the safety and consideration of others is at risk, I say please pay attention!
(Sorry, I said yesterday no more soapbox but this was an issue for me today-multiple times. I PROMISE tomorrow will be less lecture and more informative!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Many are intimidated by orchids. While admiring their beauty, they exclaim "Oh, I couldn't"...
I'm here to tell you,  YES,YOU CAN!!!
My most important piece of advice: choose one that has many buds, not open flowers. The flowers will last many weeks. If you choose one with open flowers they may be on the downside and you will have lost the joy of watching them for a long time. And the plants themselves have a long life. Some of mine are 6-7 years old and still flowering like the one in the center photo with the deep purple flowers.
Just a few pictures to get you up and out to purchase one!!!