Sunday, September 2, 2012


We, yes YOU, and I are so wired to be connected electronically that disaster ensues when one or more devices fail. No electric = no internet = no social interaction = kerfluie!!!!
Today, Zibbet's site has been down and multiple tailspins could be felt in the cyber universe. Really? We're all in the habit of checking our shops at least once a day (well, YOU should!) and possibly more times...tweaking, arranging, listing, etc. and today that privilege was taken away.
I,for one, was a bit thrown at first BUT it's not only Sunday but the middle of a holiday weekend. Will there be much business lost? I don't think so.
And what is wrong with walking away from the shop for a few hours, a day? I still accomplished many shop related things. I took photos of about 8-9 items and tweaked them after I uploaded (like the cowl below). I made 6 new tape measures and finished 1/2 of a new crochet head band. I printed several sheets of labels and made some mailing envelopes. I straightened up some supplies and pulled others to list on Facebook...a full business day out of the online shop!
Sometimes it's good to walk away. Now if it's still down tomorrow I may have to be creative again with my time and be a bit concerned but it's out of my hands. It is what it is. Chill!


mcs8409 said...

Excellent post, Ms. Buttons! You are right on about our dependency on all things electronic!
p.s. LOVE the cowl, one of the best I've seen!

spanky luvs vintage said...

I love this post and the cowl is amazing :) <#

LMRPhotography said...

Wonderful post :-)
When I first tried to get on I actually thpought it was laptop but,realized I could get onto other sites.
Hopefully they get it up and running soon. I get on a few times a day so that I can check my shop and also pin things to my blue board.

Connie Mitan said...

I must be weird, because I don't check my shop daily. I leave a tab open with the Shop Stats page up, and just hit Refresh when I want to look at it. Then again, I haven't created anything new that needed to be listed in quite some time...

But yes, when I find the digital things I thrive on are down for some reason, I take the opportunity to walk away and get something else done.