Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch Up on A cRaZy WeEk!

The week started with an unusual activity for me....I went to the movies! I love home with the remote in control. This was actually only the 3rd time in 9 years for me. I went with some neighbor pals to see "The Help" which we had all read and loved. Most often a movie is a poor second to a good book, even a so-so book. This was a great book and a terrific movie....faithful to the book, wonderful acting and great attention to the visual details of 1963. Don't miss it!

I was walking past our designated guest room and heard an unfamiliar noise. There are 2 mirrors hung in there that are loose and a slammed door will make them rattle. No one has slammed anything. I called my husband in to watch and listen to the mirrors and his reaction was "Oh, it's the guys outside mowing"...uh, since when does a lawn mower shake a mirror? A few minutes later we found out it was an earthquake 6 hours north of us! We didn't feel it but saw and heard it.

Hurricane Irene...My Mom's name was Irene so hearing her name all week has been unsettling. My Mom was no hurricane! Talented, creative and quiet,yes! Up until yesterday we kept getting calls and e-mails from friends and family who are geographically challenged! A cousin called from Florida to warn me that since it passed her it's heading to me in North Carolina...uh, no! We are in SOUTH Carolina and at closest, 4 hours from the shore, so yes, we're fine. Then I turned my calls to friends in NJ, NY and MA and some were clueless that Hurricane My Mom is heading their way. May this storm just go away and leave everyone alone.
Last night the boys came for dinner. They do not exactly eat the same foods. Now if I were feeding them every day, I'd change the rules but this is Grandma's house and rules are bent so they each got their favorites. I incorrectly assumed I'd have leftovers but not after repeated "Any more?" For the next dinner, I may have to re-mortgage!
And now we are about to face a weekend with NO plans!!!! Hooray!
I may just make another one of these....isn't it the cutest?!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Economy and Handmade

Okay, let's just get it out there....the economy sucks. We know it. We're living it. There's barely anyone who isn't affected somehow. Young,old and in between.
Many, many people have turned to crafting in recent years. And why?

Some need the creative outlet and decided to try their hand at enjoyable hobby/business.
Some have always tried to sell...a career.
Some are doing it to save money for themselves....environment and economy minded folks.
Some are doing it to supplement their incomes...those whose other jobs aren't cutting it.
Some are crafting to create an income....the unemployed.
And there are various combinations of those reasons.

The reason really doesn't matter but the product does. When and if you see an item at a festival, online, or at a crafter's co-op, think of the person behind the product. Think of the hands who molded the clay, threaded the needle or held the paint brush. You have a direct link. Think beyond them to their homes and families who might be very similar to yours. What might your purchase do for them? Their families? If you stop and think about it, it may become an additional reason to buy. We don't do that enough and the opportunities aren't really available.
Will we think about the oil rigger who had a hand in the gas we're pumping? No.
Do we think about the farmer who sowed the seed for the tomatoes in that jar of sauce? No.
It's back-to-school time now and the holiday season is right behind....big shopping events.
I think, I hope, you get my point. You can really have a direct impact on the lives of others when you choose to buy handmade. We all must spend our precious dollars carefully these days and when we choose handmade, besides a wonderful item, you'll feel good inside. Not a bad buy!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Savor the moment.....
Six years ago today my youngest grandson was born. I was taking care of the older one at the time and he kept questioning "Is my brother here yet? Is my brother here yet? Is my brother here yet?"...he was a bit past three. Today, naturally, they poke and push each other like animals but life without either is unimaginable. Six!!!
Harder to believe, the boys' father, my son, turns 37 tomorrow. And me not quite 40! HAHAHAHA!
Wasn't it yesterday when he asked for a "Manilow cookie"...Milano. And wanted to learn how to "lawn the mow". Was it yesterday when he fell out of a tree, landed on his head and broke his wrist? How excited it was when he became a US ranked tennis player? When he bought a building for his now successful business? When he became a father?
Yesterday? No, but locked in my memory bank forever.
Just came in from a birthday breakfast with them and the little guy hugging me and saying "You're the best"...and the biggest one saying to him "I told you"...
Happy Birthday Boys!!!