Thursday, April 21, 2011

My "Pet Rock"

Several years ago I wanted to revive and improve my crocheting skills. Waaaaaaaaaaay back when, I even crocheted dresses and sweaters but under the close direction and scrutiny of a teacher. I re-started by making wash/dish cloths and used them myself, not for sale. I quickly realized these were pretty cool-wore well, washed well and did whatever scrubbing job I put them to so I made some for sale. Slowly, they sold, a set here, a set there.
Last fall when I started the craft show circuit, they were my top sellers. I love making many color combos as there are wonderful cotton yarns out there now. They are so portable, I take them with me whenever I think I will have to wait-at the doctor's, the mechanic, in the car (obviously when someone else is driving!).
Anyway, this week I had orders for a total of 11 soap sacks and 15 wash cloths! Phew! The one bad aspect? No buttons!
Clean up, everyone and have I got a rag for you!!!! Also, I have teamed up with TenthAvenueSoapworks....soap+cloths...great gift idea!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


For many reasons, some obvious, I have decided to close my Etsy shops. The obvious reasons have to do with the turmoil and drama that seems to swirl over there and has been fairly public. But there's more...I'm supposed to be retired! I had a 33 year career as a teacher and now is 'supposed' to be my time of choice....I can choose what I want to do, when I want to do it. I love creating and have learned that in order to create AND sell, vast amounts of time must be put in promoting and marketing. Three online shops, actually 4, is just too much for me. It's not what I choose to do so much.

The sidebar Etsy link here has been removed.
I have new business cards with only my Zibbet address. 
I have removed the Etsy decal from my car which really was indispensable when trying to find my common car in a parking lot!
The stores are still open as I am allowing everything time to expire and
I am offering a 10% refund when you write "Blog" in notes to seller for anything that is still in AllAboutTheButtons or AllAboutTheFiber .

I leave with a bit of sadness as Etsy opened the doors for me to sell my work. I am grateful for that but we've both grown and changed and no longer need each other.
As evidence of growth, even though this pin was very pretty, look at how crappy the photo of my first online sales in October 2006. Yes, I've grown and changed!