Monday, September 19, 2011

Quotes and sayings and things to remember!

Let me be upfront...I rarely can tell a joke, long, short, it doesn't matter.I am usually forgetting the punchline. There are sayings I love and never recall them to insert at the right time. And so many quotes that also escape me. My brother and mother have that gene....I was passed by!
I received a catolgue the other day with some pretty sarcastic and funny sayings on them. Do I remember any? Well, they're sitting right here so I can tell you some. These were all printed on signs or mugs or t-shirts.
This was written for me.... "The house was clean last week (sorry you missed it)."
And this one... "The voices in my head told me to buy more shoes"....uh huh!

Anyway, they all got me to thinking about putting these on some clocks like this one:

I make these clocks with the brilliant graphic mind of Judy from PortableGraffitiGraphics . She creates the design while I assemble the clock. It got me thinking that YOU may have a saying, a joke, a line you'd like immortalized on a clock and most probably Judy and I could do it. So drop me a note at AllAboutTheButtons or leave a comment here and together we can make time!!! Or maybe you feel like this clock!

Oh, and they don't have to be fresh or sassy or sarcastic! They can be anything that speaks to you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Make

In previous posts, I confessed to crafter's ADD....I like to make lots of things and get easily bored if I have to repeat. Almost everything I make is one-of-a-kind. That got me to thinking....what do I make? It kinda of made me stressed to think of it all.
Scary to think, I probably have forgotten something! (and I did...just added aceos)

basket clocks
bobby pins
book clocks
box clocks
button necklaces
button bracelets
CD clocks
clothespin magnets
cocktail spoons and forks
crochet bracelets
crochet necklaces,

custom business clocks
dog sweaters
dish cloths
embellished boxes
embroidery hoops
eyeglass cases
face scrubbies
hand warmers
magnetic bookmarks
mini purses
napkin rings
plate clocks
ribbon bookmarks
scissor fobs

shadow boxes
wash cloths
wood magnets

I have 12 letters of the alphabet not covered yet...better get cracking! So I am taking suggestions for new products starting with letters I haven't yet used. Colors don't count.
What can I make that starts with y? U?  Hmmmm.... remember, most of my things have buttons on them!
And I'll calm my stress with this bit of advice: