Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am always on the look out for new bases to convert into clocks. I often use plates like this one:

And I have made many with discarded CDs like these:

I've used trays and baskets as well. Two weeks ago DH & I were wandering in a "junk" store. Now it wasn't junk as in garbage, but just a bit of everything from art to lamps to dog food and spaghetti strainers. You never know what you'll find. I found wood plaques with great,whimsical pictures on them and said "Clocks". I bought 2 and almost immediately wished I got more since the price was more than great! Went home, made the clocks, listed and yes, sold immediately. So I thought to go back and get some more. Mind you when I was there the 1st time, there were dozens. This store is easily the size of a football field so I walked and walked and walked until I finally found 3, just 3 left and not the adorable ones I bought which are here:

The lesson in this story: When you see it, stock up!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Very pretty work...check it out!

This weeks featured artisan is Cathy - owner of Caty Ann's Creations. Cathy lives in NW Ohio. She has been creating jewelry for about 6 years for herself and family members. Each of her pieces are unique. Stop by and see them all! You can find Caty Ann's Creations here:

Artfire Shop -
Ecrater Shop -
Zibbet Shop -

Caty Ann's Blog -

Monday, January 18, 2010

This weeks featured artisan is Tracy - owner of Braggin' Rights Bath. This is her new venue... wonderful yummy bath products..Tracy also has a shop called
Braggin' Rights filled with wonderful handmade gifts. You can find Tracy at:


She also has 2 blogs... Uses for Stuff Braggin Rights Finds

Stop by and see all her wonderful creations!!
She has a right to brag. Her items are wonderful.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I cannot believe it is the 15th day of 2010. It is flying by and by the way, is it twenty-ten or two thousand ten? Do I care?
Not really. Just hoping and trying to make this year better than last.
I had a special order for an ill customer in California. She has not responded to e-mails or to the posted items in over a week. Here's a glitch in this cyber do I contact her other than e-mail or through her shops? I do not care about the order but am concerned about her health. I have tried to find a phone number but haven't had success. I think I will send a note to her husband (don't even know his first name!) and try to find out if she's okay. I'm sad to think she's spending the first 15 days of 2010 ill. They're not flying for her, that's for sure.
Feel better, Jenn and my (((hugs))) go out to you. ♥

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Share the Love - Blogger's Unite Featured Artisan"

Anne, of Made For Me by Oaklie is not only a talented designer with several online shops but also the driving force behind several online promotion sites, particularly
OnFireForHandmade. She is incredibly helpful and generous and also helped me solve a sticky issue with MadeItMyself for which I am indebted! Starting this week, shops from the OnFire site will be highlighted. Take a wander into their'll be pleased you did!

MADE FOR ME BY OAKLIE - Handmade Fashion Scarves and Accessories

Friday, January 1, 2010