Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time Flies Slowly

It's January 26 and this devilish month is finally coming to an end. Even though I'm in the south, it's been cold and we haven't had the normal breaks with 55-65 degree days...just cold. We had a beastly summer, followed by a non-existent autumn and now this winter. And guess what? Our area will be invaded by the 13 year cicada in no spring. Not familiar with cicadas? NOISY, huge and crunchy. They are not harmful to humans but their noise can be deafening...nice,eh? Some people eat them....uh,no!
So with a questionable 2 seasons past,a bad current one and the future, murky, I vow to ignore the weather. Think it's possible? The universal conversation starter? One can hope!
Meanwhile where are my gloves?

Can anyone think of something creative to do with this bugger? Crochet wing covers? Blech!

Monday, January 10, 2011

SOUTH Carolina

The photos tell the story!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another job.........

For the past many months I have been an editor for the website It is dedicated to showcasing independent crafts people while also educating new indiepreneurs. It's been fun and a learning experience for me as well. One of my responsibilities is to secure photos to go along with articles that have been written. The photo is always credited to the owner with a link back to the advertising. Today I received my first denial for use after probably 200 requests. It came from a supply shop with no sales! I, foolishly, thought it might give them a lift of traffic and maybe some sales but I was so wrong! "We own those photos and must charge for their use"....
As long as I am living I am still surprised by the actions people take. But, I move on and know they have lost!
Anyway, if anyone is interested in writing for us, drop me a note. We always want new columnists with fresh perspectives and ideas. In the meantime, check out Indie Smiles!