Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A smooth path...

The screened in porch is our favorite room in the house and we use it year round. DH decided an enlargement was necessary. The porch is/was attached to a patio that is never used so enclosing the whole area made sense....right?!
We endured a pretty long process interviewing 6 contractors for our "small" project-no outdoor kitchen or fire place or big screen TV installation...just a screened room.
We ultimately chose the one that we deemed most professional and experienced. We could not get a personal recommendation from anyone so this was going on our instincts.
Once permits were received and materials delivered, 3-4 days we were told. Ha! Today is #12 of actual work. (Side note...it's now 3:30 and there's no way they'll finish today or tomorrow!)
There were arguments between the 2 workers, bad saw cuts (remember "measure twice,cut once"?), and mis-calculations. Good work but excruciatingly s-l-o-w. Amazingly, the weather cooperated only raining on their days off.
So here we are, 15 days from the start and the end is in sight but not today.

And after all this, all I can say is how blessed and lucky we are. We do have a roof over our heads. Our possessions are in place and despite Friday's fender bender on a new car (DH was NOT hurt) we are safe and sound.

My thoughts are with the battered folks that have experienced the recent tornadoes and floods. May their future path be smooth.