Thursday, February 24, 2011


Maybe it's best to just use up what you have before you buy more? Ya' think?!!!!
Here are 2 new boxes, one listed, and you know from the previous post there's more to come...

But then there's the much and so little time. I decided all those leftover balls might sell to someone who knits or crochets smaller items so I grouped and listed them. And they sold BUT....yarn balled up becomes heavy. One group I listed for $15 including shipping. Guess what? The shipping was $10. Okay, $5 is gained for something I'd never use anyway, but my advice: Be aware, the shipping will eat your take home!
One more set left and hopefully this time I've learned my lesson!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Organizing a Multi-Use Space

I am generally pretty organized. Ask me for something & I can usually find it within one look, 2 at the most. I can proudly say that I rarely lose things downstairs. And then there's the studio upstairs....not my finest achievement!
The studio is also a storage room, access to the attic, exercise room and often a laundry drying room....a not for public viewing space. It really got trashed during and after the shows in the fall and then the holidays came and all that stuff. The holidays ended and the decorations MUST be put away so the craft items, remember I said this was the STUDIO, were still scattered. Finally, mid-January I purchased some craft item and when I went to put it to use, found I had 3. Okay, this has got to stop....buying what you have is ridiculous.
I spent over 7 hours within the last week cleaning and organizing. Throwing out and consolidating. Buying more bins and drawers. Paring down some materials and noting I needed more of others. The hardest part was finding a particular supply or button or piece of paper and thinking "hmmm, I could make a..." and the cleaning got brushed aside. Then this weekend, I had an off-line sale of this button jewelry box~

I realized that was the last of the 7-8 boxes I had made. Off to the craft store for 6 more boxes. About 10 minutes ago, I started to work on a previously untouched cabinet up there. What did I find? Of course, 4 more boxes.
Moral of the story: Keep like items together and KNOW where you put them!!!