Friday, April 5, 2013


It is said that there are no original designs, just re-works of old ones. Also, "imitation is a form of flattery". I'm not sure if I agree but I am always a bit befuddled by the generosity of those who post "how to" tutorials. I guess they aren't selling their item and just want to share...bravo, I guess.

I have been asked "how to" make my tape measures and have politely declined. They are a huge (my description) seller for me and why would I want anyone to cut into my sales?I call them my "pet rock". No, they aren't copywrited or licensed  so recourse might be slim.

Recently a customer bought a tape measure from me and quite nicely gave me a "shout-out" on Ravelry. I went to see what what was said and discovered there was a swap going on involving decorated tape measures....uh,oh. Apparently my customer didn't have time to make one and bought mine instead but I was 'worried' that others might be copying me. Not so! Phew! 

Am I being possessive? Yes! 
Was it my original idea to make a decorated tape measure? No.
Am I making these in an original way? Yes!
And what will I do, if or when I do see copying happening? I don't know but for now I will breathe easier and keep on making my semi-original product. 

Hopefully it won't happen until the cow flies over the moon!