Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seven Days

It is gorgeous outside today and DH and I went for a ride to a part of town we never knew and learn. We had lunch out and now I'm ready to nap. It's been a busy couple of weeks with holidays and company and appointments. Now we must rest up for next week's invasion! We are having the boys for a whole week, SEVEN DAYS, but who's counting? They are so well behaved alone and such terrors together we will need all the energy we can muster. With school and Little League and soccer and gymnastics we will really have an action packed SEVEN DAYS, but who's counting?! When your children are grown and out of the house your pace is altered dramatically....easygoing, relaxed and spur of the moment or not. With kids, know! We've only had them for 2 days straight so this will be interesting. I've tried to get ahead on etsy stuff and promos so I can devote all my waking hours to them for all SEVEN DAYS! The little one loves my yarn and takes all the balls out of the nearest basket to 'wrap' the house. The buttons tend to get a bit scattered. The big one is better at entertaining himself and is actually quite helpful but SEVEN DAYS can be a long time. And of course I am worried a bit about the adults as they will be out of the country and don't speak the language. And as you may have guessed, they will be gone for SEVEN DAYS.
So you may not hear from me for awhile as I may be tied up (by the little one and the yarn) and just a bit busy for.....7 days!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Paper

My fingers are starting to stick together but as long as there's nothing to watch on TV at night, into the studio I go and glue and paste and stick and adhere!
I thought these would be good thank you cards after a sale. Please, card makers, I pose no threat! This is just a paper fling for me. Off to knit now!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I realized awhile back that I have an issue with paper that takes many forms. I'm a newspaper-aholic, reading local papers when I'm out of town (I don't even know these people!). I also read the accumulated newspapers when we return home. I love printed, colorful napkins and paper towels. Love the smell of the pages in a new book, just opened. Always loved stationary when writing letters wasn't a lost art. But with computers, I love to print using unusual papers as well.
Once scrapbooking became so huge it was unusual for me not to take up the craft and I didn't but....oh, the papers! I had to find some way to use the glorious,fanciful,whimsical and even serious papers out there. One way is with my bookmarks. They're magnetic and the outside is covered with a lamination film so they last. LOVE paper!!!