Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doors and Windows

I wanted to be an architect for many years and I have an affinity for windows and doors.One wall in my house is filled with photos and drawings and a print or two, all of those elements. DH and I just went to Charleston for a little getaway and what are all my photos? Doors and windows. Here are a few:

But my favorite is this sign at the 'door'way to the beach.
It says:
Stay Out of The Water
$500 Fine-Several Drownings
Don't be next

Question: If you do drown, do you still have to pay the fine?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hot Numbers

There is always tremendous talk on Etsy regarding item and shop views and how they relate to sales. What is the thinking behind hearting an item? For future purchase? Kindness? Bookmarking? There are even outside sites where you can clearly see those numbers.
My independent research shows little or no correlation. I have sold items within 5 minutes of posting and just 2-3 views which leads me to think right customer, right moment when it was posted. Period! On Zibbet there are no public views and the internal counts can be confusing. I've been going through my items and while renewing, I found some startling numbers of items that have been around for a bit and have high view counts and hearts. A sale is a sale whether it has 2 views, 22 or 222!
Here's some great 'old' stuff, high views, numerous hearts and without a rhyme or reason, they're still here!
Groovy Clock

Cigar Box Clock

Heart Clock

Chenille Scarf

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I love to read.
I love books.
I save books.
I love reading to children.
I have no more room for books!
One of the most exciting aspects of impending retirement was about having more time to read. For so much of my adulthood I read about 2-3 books between September and June and then 12-15 in July and August. Now I don't count. I think it's wonderful to read anything, in any form-newspapers(I am a paper-aholic), magazines (too many subscriptions to count), books,of course. My son started reading at 3 with baseball cards. I was offered an old Kindle...hmmmm, thank you,no.
Nothing, I say NOTHING, can replace a book in your hand. I was excited to find this widget on Sherry Truitt's wonderful blog.

Read the Printed Word!

Wonderful! Thanks, Sherry...we're on the same page.

And all of the above is why I am always making bookmarks...shameless self promotion...well, it is my blog!

Oh, and to reduce that book collection and get new ones in return? www.PaperbackSwap.com, which is paperbacks and hardcovers...a win~win trade.

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's all about ME and a few others!

Lucky me....I was blogged about two times in two days!
Wonderful Judy from Portable Graffiti Graphics
wrote a wonderful blog post about reading and her purchase from me. I have purchased from Judy's graphics shop

and her PortableGraffiti button shop. Two purchases and very pleased.
We definitely are new best pals! I love another of her shops
Wild Goose Chase for all things vintage.

Heather from NiftyKnits is an amazing creator of wonderful creatures like this:

Isn't that the cutest?!!!
She has been writing about fellow Zibbeters and included me.
I love the name of her blog So much yarn,so little time.... that is definitely a feeling of mine.
Thank you Judy and Heather...HUGS♥