Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time for a Decision....

Sometimes we make things that we and our friends and family think are the best, the latest, the greatest. And they're wrong!
I love clocks and have a small collection & many years ago decided to make and sell some. I thought they were pretty and clever, made from plates and boxes, books and discarded CDs.  Some 'strangers' have agreed and I've sold over 100 in the past few years. Custom requests were numerous and one even appeared in a published book. Reactions to them have always been so positive or has everyone lied to me?!
But they have come to a screaming standstill. They are on the expensive side to make with the cost of the clock works tripling over the years. I love the creative process when I make a clock and that satisfaction is over.
I'm done! It doesn't make sense to keep making something that takes up a fair amount of space, are awful hassles to take to shows and don't sell. I believe they make great little art pieces and are a wonderful house gift or any kind of present but the world does not agree.
Below are some of my current favorites and check All About The Buttons this week....drastic reductions. Think future gifts, Christmas, etc. If you agree with my family and friends, buy one for a great price! I'm kind of sad but the hand writing on the wall says STOP!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

N.Truro,Cape Cod

Our escape destination was guessed correctly on Facebook. Just want to share a few fun photos from a great trip, extremely long ride and fabulously fattening vacation!

And yes, I bought buttons...11 to be exact!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Away and back...

Long time between posts!!! We were planning for and going on an adventure and I'm not telling you where we went!!!! You have to guess by my picture clues. A right answer gets a 15% discount when you shop in All About The Buttons .
Here are the first 2 photos and an answer like "the beach" is not acceptable! More pix and clues will follow if no one gets it now.
Sorry, JoJo, but I have to eliminate a guess from you because I think you know!