Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm tired...

I really cannot sit in front of this computer much longer. I need a break from the promoting, the marketing, the mentoring, the liking, the pinning and even, the arguing. I'm tired of the promises, the breaking of promises, the requests and the mind changes.
This site, that site, do this, see that...I'm tired.
Don't get me wrong-I still love creating but the other side is wearing me thin (HA-that's a wishful thought...thin!)
We know I'm not faithful to this blog but I have been attentive to Facebook and Pinterest and my shops & I need to step away. 
The scary part regarding getting up from this chair is what to replace these activities with? How to fill the time? Will I survive not knowing about the  trivia? Will anyone remember me? Question my whereabouts?
We'll see. It may be short lived but up and out of this chair I go. I actually think if I do this I may (fingers crossed) give more time to just writing and this blog...maybe. 
No promises.
I need a change.
I'm tired.
(Can't even find an appropriate photo!!!!)