Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crafter's Diversion

I think, no I know, I may have crafter's ADD....I am constantly looking for something new and different to make. I have the "I can do that" mind set. Friends and family are always asking "Can you make this?" And more often than not, I say yes. { mother used to tell me that the word NO was so powerful and should be used more often...I haven't learned that lesson but I am trying!}
Yesterday at my grandson's soccer game, my daughter-in-law pulled up a picture on Pinterest and said the dreaded "Can you make this?" phrase. 
Now I am not a confrontational person but the challenge was set so after dinner last night I made the request.

Cute? Yes.
Identical to the photo she showed me? Pretty close.
Am I proud of it? No...took too long for my advanced beginner crochet skills and most importantly, I didn't enjoy doing it. if I made them to sell, the profit vs. effort ratio would not be in my favor. I must like/love what I make and if I don't, it's a no-go.
Has this cured my ADD regarding crafts? No...a neighbor just requested a....oh, don't ask!!!