Monday, January 23, 2012

I Love Hearts...♥♥

I do love hearts. I have heart jewelry and wear a gold heart all the time. I love heart shaped wall decor, house decorations and ornaments. I even have a heart shaped wrought iron piece outside that I am training a vine to climb and cover.
I am not a particular fan of Valentine's Day but enjoy the heart displays so I thought I'd display some from my shop for you...♥! 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hearts & Buttons

I ♥ hearts! And of course, buttons! To incorporate the two is such great fun. For the first time, I'm sharing with you a simple button heart project that will not come out identically as mine but will have your ♥ and button stamp of approval! My hoop measures 8" and this time I chose all white and cream, mostly vintage buttons. I used over 100 buttons. But don't let my choices stop you, go for color, go larger or smaller in the hoop measurement....go for it!

1 wood hoop, any size
fabric piece at least 2" larger than hoop. Best not to use a knit but a woven like linen or cotton.
assorted buttons-2 or 4 holed work better, not shank as they will wobble!
needle & thread
white glue

Lightly freehand a heart shape onto your fabric piece using a pencil.
Fit fabric in your hoop and pull to make sure it is snug.
Begin sewing and placing your buttons within the heart. You can just sew them side by side and have the fabric show through or you can slightly over-lap to not let the fabric be seen.
Continue until the heart is filled.
Trim excess fabric to within 1/2".
Turn hoop over and lightly layer some white glue on the inside of the wood hoop. Work in small sections and roll the excess fabric onto the glue. You can use clamp binder clips for a few minutes until set.

Ta da!!! You have completed a one-of-a-kind heart hoop button sampler.
Tie a ribbon at the top for decoration if you wish.
Hang on the wall or place on an easel for display.
Wonderful gift or room decoration for a fellow heart and button!