Monday, October 29, 2007

Looooong Day

Yesterday was the harvest fair and the big was it? The fair was a roaring success for the school and they just about made their goal money. And me? Well, great response to my things. Talked up ETSY and made about 8 sales. I am pleased and figure I probably would have spent at least as much if I hadn't gone! It is an exhausting bones are still screaming!
What tickled me the most was the balloon artist that was there. He created such amazing 'sculptures' for the kids I was fascinated. He made a halo piece for one little boy that looked like a giant spider with legs tickling his face. Another was a helicopter sitting on the child's shoulders. Great fun!
I didn't sell any but wanted to share my new item. I have been intrigued by felting and tried this:
It's made with red wool, gold thread and a snowflake button. It can be a Christmas ornament on the tree or a 'gift' attachment to a package. I'll post the others later this week. I'm pleased.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time Flies

I haven't posted for a week because................? I feel a bit like my days are very short and are whizzing by but I do get a great deal accomplished. I am now preparing for my first (in over 7 years) little show which is on Sunday. It's a harvest festival, a first annual and a donation is all that it costs to show. There will be loads of kids activities, pumpkin decorating, food and about a dozen crafters. I had forgotten how much there is to do to get ready with deciding what to bring, pricing, packaging, set-up, etc. Sunday morning I will de-activate some things that are on etsy so I can bring them. It's hard not to be excited but I don't want to be crushed if there's a poor outcome so I'm trying to be level headed. With kids expected (and parents, of course) I'm bringing mostly my less expensive items like bookmarks , barrettes, and magnets but the purses and hats as well. Maybe 1 or 2 clocks...we'll see.
Wish me luck!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Just 'met' Erin from DinnerTimeChimes on We Love Etsy and the unexpected happened. Erin makes wonderful chimes and keyrings using old flatware. I randomly clicked on her etsy mini and this keyring popped up. This was my Mom's everyday flatware that we used while I was growing up. What a rush of wonderful memories of food, dinners, and fighting with my brother came rushing back. (Yes, good memories of fights with my brother...I always won since I was younger!!!)
I wonder if in today's world of take out/go out will an old spoon trigger any memories for our children or grandchildren. I think I have to buy this keyring!
I also love when anyone repurposes stuff! I feel I do that with my buttons to a degree but Erin certainly takes it to the max. Thanks for the memory rush!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is it time for Christmas shopping?

I have posted several things on etsy with a Christmas theme but wonder if it's too soon. Realistically it's not, but so many people seem to be December/last minute shoppers. If something has to be mailed, that creates problems. As I get older I like even more so to be done early. So have I started? Well, yes, in the card collections I am amassing for some friends but I have not one gift, or thought for that matter, for family. I noticed in one of the boys' rooms yesterday that his father (my son) purchased the one idea I had. Neither of the boys nor their parents "need" anything but that's besides the point. My daughter-in-law is dieting and I know I'll buy the wrong size. Son is VERY fussy but he did love these cufflinks from blockpartypress. My husband...possibly the most difficult guy on the planet. UGH!!!
Better get started...74 days to go!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Road Trip

I have only lived in South Carolina for 5 years. I spent the previous bazillion in various parts of New York. My close friend just came down for a week and we went on a girls road trip. Thinking Thelma and Louise? Nah, more like Lucy and Ethel. Anyway, our destination was Charleston and the beach. We left here on a glorious day weatherwise and drove straight into a watery onslaught! We couldn't even go look at the beach due to high tides and flooding. It stopped 3 days later when we were about 30 minutes from my house. Ugh, were we soggy! We wound up shopping till we dropped at an outlet center that had our personal favorite, Eddie Bauer. Their clothes just fit me well, last forever and are always in my favorite shades. We shopped so much that she had to borrow a medium sized suitcase to take her loot home. But great fun nonetheless. We also ate like pigs...some great meals and great snacking as well. That's what you do when you're away from home, right? She bought some Christmas presents but she stopped when I told her to shop on ETSY.
And now reality but with great memories!