Monday, October 29, 2007

Looooong Day

Yesterday was the harvest fair and the big was it? The fair was a roaring success for the school and they just about made their goal money. And me? Well, great response to my things. Talked up ETSY and made about 8 sales. I am pleased and figure I probably would have spent at least as much if I hadn't gone! It is an exhausting bones are still screaming!
What tickled me the most was the balloon artist that was there. He created such amazing 'sculptures' for the kids I was fascinated. He made a halo piece for one little boy that looked like a giant spider with legs tickling his face. Another was a helicopter sitting on the child's shoulders. Great fun!
I didn't sell any but wanted to share my new item. I have been intrigued by felting and tried this:
It's made with red wool, gold thread and a snowflake button. It can be a Christmas ornament on the tree or a 'gift' attachment to a package. I'll post the others later this week. I'm pleased.


monica yvette said...

Glad to hear the craft fair went well for you! I like your felty thing. The colors are lovely.

Shannon said...

This is very cute. :)