Sunday, December 30, 2007

Am I crazy.....

A confession-I LOVE lobster and am a sensational lobster picker! Nothing goes unpoked or unprodded and basically nothing goes uneaten. I learned many years ago that 1 pounders are hardly worth the effort. Just no fun. Well, being 3 1/2 hours from the ocean here has limited, in fact, plain old diminished my lobster eating since we moved south 5+ years ago. My last lobster was in June of 2004 on the beach of Cape Cod.

Ahhhh, so sweet.

Anyway, I finally found a place here who will not only order larger lobsters but will steam them also. Yay!!!!! I ordered them for New Year's Eve and can't wait.

So here's to ending 2007 enjoying one of my favorite foods (with my favorite man) and hoping 2008 will be filled with peace, great health & prosperity for my family,friends and all of my blog pals. Oh, and also, lobster more than once every 3 years!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The slowdown.......

Well, the Christmas season is already a memory. The hustle and bustle has given way to a massive clean up with wonderful memories. I hope there isn't too much of a slowdown on ETSY. It is still so exciting to see "Congratulations-you made a sale!". I did create an on sale section in the shop for those who like to put things away now for next year. I certainly do!

I'm also trying to come up with some new "products". These are new for me and they are quite handy. We'll see how they go.
Now on to New Year's Eve...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kid Talk

We took the boys to see the drive through holiday lights at the science center. This year they had a new section where you could walk and see some ponies and of course, Santa. Caleb immediately ran up to Santa and sat on his knee. I couldn't hear the beginning of the conversation but after a few seconds Caleb jumped off. Santa called out "So, were you a good boy this year?" And without missing a beat Caleb turned back and said "Not so much!". Santa did compliment him on his honesty!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Isn't it always easier to be kind rather than mean? Especially at this time of year?

There's a wonderful, kind elderly lady in my neighborhood who recently underwent knee replacement surgery. I wasn't told until she was already home from rehab. It was also mentioned that her cell phone case was tattered. So I immediately knit her a new one and delivered it. She was thrilled. By the way, her cell phone-the latest on the market, embarrassed me since mine is circa 2001!

I told her that I was sorry I didn't know of her surgery earlier so I could help and she dismissed my guilt with a wave of her hand. Now she has invited about 20 ladies,myself included, to a thank you luncheon. Too sweet. Too kind. What a dear she is. Sadly she'll be moving soon to be closer to her son and his family. I hope they appreciate her kindness. I do!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gift Promo Time!

I was tickled to discover ThoseGreathouseWomen on etsy, especially when I read that they were a mother and daughter team. Neat and original products like this I Spy bag that I bought for Braden. Well made and clever. I suggested them for the etsy finds newsletter and they were included today. They deserve it! Jaime is a sweetheart and I wish them continued success.