Monday, January 28, 2008

The Newest Idea

I live in a climate with a long summer and consequently wear alot of T-shirts. I am also in the car a great deal and get neck irritations due to the seatbelt. Solution? Handy dandy little
neck savers. My husband once bought grotesque faux lambskin pieces that creep me out!
These are knitted pieces made from soft yarns in wonderful shades. They button around the seatbelt easily and can remain indefinitely. It does not slide, unless you want it to, and will cushion and protect your neck from the cutting edge of the belt. It's as simple and clever as that!

Today I added a set for kids. They have the added aggravation of 2 belts near their necks. I used ties instead of buttons out of concern for safety. Let's see if it catches on!

Friday, January 25, 2008

And another...

This one I collaged-several papers, ribbons and buttons. What do ya' think? I also realized I can customize these. Know a musician? I have music paper. A baseball fan? I have paper covered with baseballs. I'm even making my son one for his office using his advertising brochures and he'll put it in the conference room...I hope!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The busier you are....

the busier you are!!! It just seems this week was busy and my mind is exploding with new 'products'. The upside is that the mental, creative stimulation is great. The downside is finding time to execute the ideas. One idea-and it shall remain known only to me-failed miserably. It's okay for me to keep but not something I am proud enough to sell. I have 2 other ideas and this clock is one. Believe it or not the base is an old CD! Creatively it will allow me to use great backgrounds with wonderful papers and not be limited to the plates and tiles I have been using. Naturally, they will include buttons. I think it's cool and this one would be great in a boy's room, a den or your guy's workshop. It's on etsy and later today I will put up the 2nd clock, quite different from the background of this one. My last idea is still under construction but I think there's potential. Time will tell...I just need more time!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I love hearts and not because of Valentine's Day. I just love the shape and endless variety of sizes. I love to find them in nature, like rocks and stones and leaves. I even have an end piece of bread from a loaf that is heart shaped. I love heart jewelry and have worn a heart charm necklace for over ten years now. Despite, prodding from my husband, I do not want a new one. I still love it as well as the 3 heart bracelets that are always on my wrist. I don't care for heart clothing but do wear heart pins.
I love to find new ways to work hearts into my crafts and just came up with this felted heart wall pocket.
It's even reversible!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Shout Out

A few weeks ago, I was wandering in the forums and read a response post by glassprimitif and the name rang a bell. I went through my favorites section on etsy and came across a piece I hearted months ago. She had mentioned in her post about having something hidden in her listings and the finder would receive a pair of earrings. Having nothing else much to do, I searched and found the listing. I contacted her and asked if she'd switch the prize. How obnoxious and presumptuous of me!!! She graciously agreed and in the mail today came this fabulous pendant. So beautiful and my picture is not, but I wanted to post not just the piece but to call out the wonderful kindness and generosity of one special seller on etsy. Thank you, Jo!

Friday, January 4, 2008


One of the reasons we left NY was to eliminate bitter winters for 4-5 months at a stretch. The past 2 days have reminded me of why we left! But it will be in the low 60s by Saturday and that doesn't happen in NY. I do love the length of the seasons here. We have one month each of fall, winter and spring. Then 9 months of summer!

Anyway, for those who are was the lobster??? It was great. I was not disappointed by one morsel and because we also had some salad and veggies, there was plenty left over for Tuesday. Honey had to work so I didn't have to share! YUM!

Here are 2 new ornaments I listed on etsy. More Valentine pieces to come.