Monday, January 7, 2008

Shout Out

A few weeks ago, I was wandering in the forums and read a response post by glassprimitif and the name rang a bell. I went through my favorites section on etsy and came across a piece I hearted months ago. She had mentioned in her post about having something hidden in her listings and the finder would receive a pair of earrings. Having nothing else much to do, I searched and found the listing. I contacted her and asked if she'd switch the prize. How obnoxious and presumptuous of me!!! She graciously agreed and in the mail today came this fabulous pendant. So beautiful and my picture is not, but I wanted to post not just the piece but to call out the wonderful kindness and generosity of one special seller on etsy. Thank you, Jo!


Keighley Arts Factory said...

You are very welcome and thank you! Glassprimitif

Katie Lyn said...

how sweet of her.. that is a wonderful gift

Jen / MintTrim said...

That is an adorable little pendant. Checking out her store now :)