Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Off tomorrow to observe the Iron Man Triathlon in Panama City, Florida on Saturday. Why would I do such a thing? My son! He's been training for one year and it's finally here! He is soooooooo fit and ready. He just wants a respectable finish. Say a prayer and wish him luck!
In his honor I am having a sale over at etsy...a good one,too!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Too Thin?

Too thin? Not a problem my body has ever had! But can you spread yourself too thin on the internet? Hmmmmmmm...........! For purposes of promotion and selling my crafts I am currently a member of, selling on or socializing on the following sites:

Go Zabo

Trendy Shoppes






handmade product directory


link referral


stumble upon

Talent Data Base


Blog Catalog

All About The Buttons Blog

ETSY Secrets Blog


You Crafty Lot

DIY City Community

Scrumpy Design


and I probably have forgotten a few. There are also the many sub-groups like the ones on flickr and indiepublic. Can there possibly be anything else to do to get your name out "there"? Well, all I can say is PHEW!!!! I'm surprised I even remembered these. I also send promo packs out for those that do shows, and have donated gobs of things for worthy causes. Do I have the next "Pet Rock"? No, but I love what I do and love to share it. Will I stop?

No-No-No! How can I when a simple little beanie cap makes Mr. Bear even more adorable.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Junk is Good!....sometimes!

I confess...I'm a neat freak. You'd never know it if you came to my house because of all the stuff we collect and the DH who is a clean freak, but a slob. It's a never ending battle. I nicknamed him "Mr. Out"...everything should be left out so you can find it when you need it, even if that's once a year...spare me!

Anyway, some junk is good like bits and pieces of old jewelry, watch parts, odd beads and definitely buttons.

Here's my latest foray in creative junk!
Dontcha' just love that mini clothes pin?!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Overgrown and gone!

I do love to garden. I am not an expert but get great enjoyment out of watching something materialize from virtually nothing. NO ONE told me that things grow huge in the south and plant labels lie! I bought a 2" potted eucalyptus as a specimen plant and placed it near the garage. We just had to cut down this 14 FOOT tall monster that was at least 6' wide. I never would have placed it as I did if I had known. It was either cut it down or import several koalas!
In the back of our house I planted shade loving hostas...12 of them and they have become enormous. The exterminator said "Cut them back"...apparently it is a good bug haven being so close to the house. So after 2 years of trimming and becoming annoyed at having to care for a care free plant, out they came! Actually 9 are out and the bed is semi-ready for me to plant something small and petite that won't engulf the house. They have been placed at the edge of the woods where they'll only bump into each other!
And then there's the lantana which was in a 3" pot and...see for yourself!
Oh, and no, I do not feed them super doses of plant food. I guess the conditions are right but after all this destruction and upheaval, my back isn't!