Sunday, October 5, 2008

Overgrown and gone!

I do love to garden. I am not an expert but get great enjoyment out of watching something materialize from virtually nothing. NO ONE told me that things grow huge in the south and plant labels lie! I bought a 2" potted eucalyptus as a specimen plant and placed it near the garage. We just had to cut down this 14 FOOT tall monster that was at least 6' wide. I never would have placed it as I did if I had known. It was either cut it down or import several koalas!
In the back of our house I planted shade loving hostas...12 of them and they have become enormous. The exterminator said "Cut them back"...apparently it is a good bug haven being so close to the house. So after 2 years of trimming and becoming annoyed at having to care for a care free plant, out they came! Actually 9 are out and the bed is semi-ready for me to plant something small and petite that won't engulf the house. They have been placed at the edge of the woods where they'll only bump into each other!
And then there's the lantana which was in a 3" pot and...see for yourself!
Oh, and no, I do not feed them super doses of plant food. I guess the conditions are right but after all this destruction and upheaval, my back isn't!


Pam Warden Art said...

Gorgeous plants and photos. Hope your back stays in shape :)
Just sent you a convo.

Carole said...

Maybe it's not the weather, maybe you just have the greenest thumb EVAH! :-D

e.beck.artist said...

i don't know anything about plants really .. but when i was a girl my grandmother had beds and beds and beds of pachysandra .... and then in this house we had a bed along one whole side of the house that needed something hearty, unfinicky, and that wouldn't become an overgrown chaos ... i remembered the pachysandra .... and it is FAB .... try it!

BellaColle' said...

oh my goodness! what can I say..The South rocks!!lol!!
Wonderful plants friend!!
Thanks so much for your kindness...
hey..send some of that sunshine up here! =)

Pam Warden Art said...

hi again :)
Your goodies went out and I hope you get it soon. Will you let me know when you get it?
I have a favor. Will you check my blog to see the antique buttons that my friend, the antique dealer bought. I don't know if you'd know values. I also asked Beth Lintz of Gathering Dust as she is a button lady to the nth degree. That woman knows her buttons.
Please take a peak. I'm going to delete the blog after I hear from you 2, but I didn't want to overload your computers with pics.
Thanks so much.
More Hugs,