Friday, September 14, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

We have a wedding to attend next week a mere 800 miles away! We debated about whether or not to go and one condition was that we both had the right clothes to wear and shopping (read:spending more money) wouldn't be necessary. Once that was determined we responded yes to the invitation. My friend is shocked & thrilled that we're coming and said she didn't expect it. I told here, sure, ours was a throw away invite "They'll never come!" But all kidding aside, we are looking forward to it.
I took out that 'little' black dress and a jacket that works great with it and then searched for the shoes/heels/torture containers! I do not wear heels except for...weddings! I'm tall enough and have bad feet.
Anyway, the shoes appeared to be fine but style-wise, I wasn't so sure. They are 12 years old!
I decided I'd make 2 stops to find new shoes and if not, oh well. Not only did they have to be stylish but not big bucks. I might not wear them for another 5 years. At the 2nd stop, I found a great pair, partially comfortable and the price was excellent. On the way home I remembered I had an evening bag that would work great. Bingo!
This is a very sentimental piece. My father was a leather designer and in his day very modern and clever. I only have 2-3 of his pieces & the bag is older than I am and we know, that's old.
I took it out and it instantly made me smile. As I opened it....rrrrip....the stitching was coming out on the sides...dryness,old age (just like me!). Glue? Nope. I have a machine but wouldn't dare attempt it. I took it today to a real old style shoe repair shop and gave him the details and could you please have it done yesterday? Pretty please? Well...45 seconds and $3 later the bag is perfect! I am so silly excited to be able to use it. It will hold a tiny comb, a tissue and little else but I will have my Dad's work in my hand at a special wedding 800 miles away.
I can't wait!

It's hard to tell but it is patent leather and black fabric. Yes, the lining is what?! And how about that change purse? Adorable!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What To Do or It Never Ends...

Actually, I do know what to do but it gives me agita!!! Being a parent never ends. We birth and parent our children until they leave the nest and become parents themselves. Then, unless asked, we should keep our mouths shut when we see behaviors or actions that we might have done differently but sometimes.....

First I must say how fortunate I am to not only have a close emotional and intellectual relationship with my son but physically he lives 3/10 of a mile away. No long distance between us.
I am about to confront my son regarding his children. Grandson #1 stands tall and unintentionally casts a huge shadow upon grandson #2. My son is aware of their differences and is 'usually' tuned in and responsive to the vastly different needs of the boys but he blew it last Thursday and I must tell him. I was witness to an unintended diminishing of #2 because of his Dad. Blew it big time. His wife was not witness but knows what happened and she also knows on this point he's liable to listen to me first and it will be 1 less battle she has to wage.

So always trying NOT to be a meddling mother or mother-in-law I will confront my child - 6'3",age 38, tomorrow and tell him he blew it! Agita!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


We, yes YOU, and I are so wired to be connected electronically that disaster ensues when one or more devices fail. No electric = no internet = no social interaction = kerfluie!!!!
Today, Zibbet's site has been down and multiple tailspins could be felt in the cyber universe. Really? We're all in the habit of checking our shops at least once a day (well, YOU should!) and possibly more times...tweaking, arranging, listing, etc. and today that privilege was taken away.
I,for one, was a bit thrown at first BUT it's not only Sunday but the middle of a holiday weekend. Will there be much business lost? I don't think so.
And what is wrong with walking away from the shop for a few hours, a day? I still accomplished many shop related things. I took photos of about 8-9 items and tweaked them after I uploaded (like the cowl below). I made 6 new tape measures and finished 1/2 of a new crochet head band. I printed several sheets of labels and made some mailing envelopes. I straightened up some supplies and pulled others to list on Facebook...a full business day out of the online shop!
Sometimes it's good to walk away. Now if it's still down tomorrow I may have to be creative again with my time and be a bit concerned but it's out of my hands. It is what it is. Chill!