Sunday, July 22, 2012


Subscription copies are out and the public can buy on news stands and book stores July 24...the fall issue of Knit Simple magazine!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Is it better to be terribly busy and have a multiple focus or be moderately active and zoom in on the tasks at hand? Under which scenario do you function better?

I have realized I'm better off busy. These past few weeks have been filled with the, baseball,home stuff, gardening, crafting,online promoting, etc. but additionally I've been watching the kid's house and their cats, getting out the wholesale order, anticipating what 'may' happen when the magazine hits, preparing for a getaway and dealing with DH's chorus issues....a fuller plate. And guess what? It is all getting done in a timely manner. My focus can go in many directions and I can still achieve a goal. Meals have still been prepared and the house is clean (moderately!).

While we're busy we daydream about doing nothing, just relaxing and zoning out. But too much of that and we get antsy and start creating our own personal busy-ness. At least I do! Somehow doing nothing is not satisfying. I'm not saying that resting isn't valuable but the mind starts wandering into the "Gee, I could..." mode. So I welcome the busy-ness and enjoy the satisfaction of tending to all the aspects of life! The alternative is not good!
Gotta go....stuff to do!