Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sometimes you have to break your word....

I have always prided myself on keeping my word. If I make a commitment, it's done. Sometimes I may have regretted it, but it is rarely broken until today.....arghhhh!
I had paid for and entered a school craft fair for 3 hours tonite. The entry was minimal. DH couldn't come with me as he is committed elsewhere. But for 3 hours (5-8) at an active school...why not? The school is 40 minutes away, on back roads but doable until the forecast and my anxiety kicked into gear.
It started raining last night and is a cold, foggy rain today. It is expected to last until the early hours of tomorrow morning. Anxiety.
As I've gotten older, driving at night is not enjoyable. Factor in: rain, flash flood warnings, thunder, back roads and awful drivers? Not a good scenario. I'd get there okay as it will still be light but will buyers venture out on a miserable night? Will I be anxious the whole time worrying about getting home? Will I get soaked loading the car at the end?
No, yes and yes.
Two craft fair friends who are local said to blow it off. DH wanted me to, as well
So I have backed out.
Business has been slow and who knows what sales or contacts would have been made there. But most important is my safety & my sanity,right? So why am I still trying to convince myself that I made the right decision? Because I broke my word and that doesn't sit well.
And anyway, I'd like to make it unscathed to tomorrow....my birthday!
Here's #4 in my patchwork clock series, a taste of Europe. If anyone wants to purchase and cheer me up, it's here!

UPDATE on this post...at 4:00 the weather cleared and I was besides myself with frustration but it was done. At 6PM, light rain. 7:00 brought steady rain. At 8PM, when the show would be ending, the world was coming to an end! Heavy rain, thunder and tornado warnings right around the school. I would have been driving home in it with soggy merchandise!
So bottom line...I made the right decision. I haven't heard yet if the fair was a hit but how could it have been? Who would venture out into that mess?!
And I had a great birthday...thanks all for the wonderful wishes.♥

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft Gossip

VERY exciting to be reading the Craft Gossip newsletter and see my clock shown. Very cool! I usually read it on the same day I get it but this time with normal busy-ness and the show, I didn't get to it until the following day! It is a very stimulating creative site & obviously they have good taste!
It was here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I Buy Handmade

I collect little Santas....little,under 5". Yes, I have bought many at craft shows but many more in retail stores. This was before the internet availability of so many handmade goodies.
I just received this from Creations By Gena

In EVERY way, it is adorable and perfect from the bell on the velvet hat to each strand of his tea stained beard. In fact, I just ordered a 2nd as a little gift. No where is there a little tag that says "Made in China". In fact, it comes from a neighboring state!
I know I made Gena happy with my purchase and yet she elated me and I am trying with my feedback, forum posting and this blog entry to let her know how happy I am....and further convinced how wonderful a handmade purchase can be. Thank you, Gena.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Just finished another show and characteristics were basically equal:
Gorgeous weather.
Heavy advertisements.
Free admission.
Kids activities.
Smooth flow.
Good locations.
Why are some shows so much more successful than others?
#1-sold 9 sets of cloths.
#2-sold 1 set
#3-sold none
#1-sold 1 pair of hand warmers
#3-5 pairs
#1-0 scarves
#2-6 scarves (plus orders for 3)
#3-1 scarf
No rhyme or reason that I can see but fortunately all worth the effort for me.
Three down, 3 to go...phew!

And just for fun....a new style clock: