Saturday, November 6, 2010


Just finished another show and characteristics were basically equal:
Gorgeous weather.
Heavy advertisements.
Free admission.
Kids activities.
Smooth flow.
Good locations.
Why are some shows so much more successful than others?
#1-sold 9 sets of cloths.
#2-sold 1 set
#3-sold none
#1-sold 1 pair of hand warmers
#3-5 pairs
#1-0 scarves
#2-6 scarves (plus orders for 3)
#3-1 scarf
No rhyme or reason that I can see but fortunately all worth the effort for me.
Three down, 3 to go...phew!

And just for fun....a new style clock:


Marian Cates said...

I love!!! your clock. Marian

MariS said...

Shows are funny animals. Sometimes I have sold only 1 item, but made great connections with other creative types-and that was O.K. too.

Anonymous said...

Damn, indeed interesting topic. Where will I find that RSS?

Jane Karver
spy store

Miss Val's Creations said...

It is always fun to get out there and mingle at craft shows. It is funny how you never know if it will be a successful day or not! Neat clock!!!