Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Of A Kind

One of a kind....what does that mean? Well, there's one. And it's the only one. There will not be any more. To me, it's that simple.
Yesterday, 2 people on Facebook went at it regarding a pair of my handwarmers. Each posted "I want". To the one I deemed more serious I said "One of a kind!'" In truth, this was the 4th of the kind as I was able to get more yarn after pair #1 and #2 sold. (There is still a #4 but different style)  But now for sure there's no more. I received back from both what my retail-career husband calls "babble"...excuses... #1-"Tomorrow when I get paid" and #2-"Let me ask my friend if she likes them". Neither asked me to hold them and I would have, but no request.
Guess what? Today they sold to person #3. And that, my friends, is what happens to those who hesitate. When buying from independent crafts people online, make no assumptions regarding availability.
Like it?
Want it?
BUY it!!!

The top pair are gone and bottom is still available and then that's it!!!!