Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why I Love Zibbet

This letter is being reprinted with permission.

Hi guys,

I just wanted to quickly jump in here to add my two cents worth to what has been a pretty hectic week here at Zibbet, and apparently an 'interesting' one at Etsy.
I just wanted you guys to be able to get a bit of a philosophical feel for how Jonathan and I and our team like to run our organisation.
I figure if people are going to have the opportunity to trust us, then it will require communication and getting to know one another a bit more.
So in that vein I'd like to list a few of our beliefs and values concerning how we would like to see Zibbet move forward as it grows bigger.

1. I want to say very emphatically that here at Z we are not in the business of bagging other venues. Whether they are better or worse than Z, we are not here to cast a shadow on what they do. Especially in light of events this week, let me say we are not interested in tearing down Etsy. We have a lot of respect for Etsy and what they have achieved and there is lots that we can learn from them.
2. Our leadership of Zibbet will not always be perfect, because as humans, we are imperfect. However, we will always endeavour to give our very best effort for the marketplace we have created and those who choose to belong to it. We will make mistakes, but we will never stop trying not to.
3. We will always seek to maintain the highest level of communication with our members as possible. This is motivated by the genuine desire to make Zibbet the best selling venue it possibly can be for your sake. We will always try to be available to our sellers by answering questions, listening to concerns or ideas and generally just being available to personally contribute to peoples' needs. Even as we grow very big, Jonathan and I plan to stay heavily involved in communicating directly with as many sellers as we possibly can. We know this will stretch us, but we are committed to it.
4. Common courtesy is a passion of ours so this will continue to dictate our behaviors and the way in which we interact with you. We believe if someone asks a question they deserve an answer. If we make a mistake, we will own it and apologise. We aim to treat every person with respect. We know we will probably not be able to please everyone, but we will not engage in the practice of 'simply writing people off' because they are upset about something.

All of this may sound lofty or overly romantic and nostalgic, but it is the truthful reality of our desire going forward.
Please feel free to quote or copy and paste these comments in any of your communication with others.
If we work together, we can build one of the greatest online selling venues of all time.
A few thoughts from me, for what it's worth.


Learn more about this great site at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Shows

I can rant, and have, to close friends about what the fairs were like but I'm over it! The shows were okay, PERIOD!!!! Not great,not awful, disappointing.
Since they were 2 different shows in a row, inventory was a pre-show concern. One always thinks, what happens if I sell out? Let me have that problem...please! Anyway, I learned a little, laughed alot and had bones that hurt that I didn't know could. It's done. Back to online promotion and maybe a sale from one of the dozens that took a business card-easily 75-100 cards were taken. Maybe I should charge for them? Just kidding. Big hugs to my DH for his great sportsmanship and companionship.
Interestingly, again, the most popular items were the magnetic bookmarks which barely move online. Sold about 16-17. I have more to list like these.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have agita........

Agita to me is that gnawing,anxious feeling inside when you don't know quite what to expect in the future. Unsettling.
I have not one, but 2 craft shows this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. I'm flattered that I was 'invited' to both but.....will they like me? Will my things sell? Will I hear "Now I know what to do with my box of buttons?" Will my DH be bored to tears and desert me? Will I bring enough change? Will there be people I should know but forgot their names? Will there be people I don't want to see? Will it be cool or warm? Will my back break from standing?
UGH....too many 'ifs'.
Everything is tagged and priced and looked over for flaws and packed. I have all the equipment and paper and tissue and tape and and and..........
So why am I doing this if it makes me crazed?
Well, I spelled it out below and I want to share. And a few cents won't hurt!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Check out this shop...

Kandi-o Designs.. creations by Kandace... truly unique and a style of their own! Kandace also has a shop called Cap It! More unique designs for you!
You can find Kandace At:

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Etsy Shop
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Madeitmyself Shop
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

In less than one day, over 149 views and 8 hearts on Etsy and who knows how many views on Zibbet and no sale? I'm befuddled! Someimes I think I understand NOTHING about on-line selling but I do love making stuff!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Julia Hutchins design spot.......

Soft,gentle and feminine pieces. Just so pretty. Love the heart dangles!

This week's Featured Artisan on Share the Love is Julia Hutchins Designs. Julia creates beautiful treasures! Stop by and see them all!

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