Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Shows

I can rant, and have, to close friends about what the fairs were like but I'm over it! The shows were okay, PERIOD!!!! Not great,not awful, disappointing.
Since they were 2 different shows in a row, inventory was a pre-show concern. One always thinks, what happens if I sell out? Let me have that problem...please! Anyway, I learned a little, laughed alot and had bones that hurt that I didn't know could. It's done. Back to online promotion and maybe a sale from one of the dozens that took a business card-easily 75-100 cards were taken. Maybe I should charge for them? Just kidding. Big hugs to my DH for his great sportsmanship and companionship.
Interestingly, again, the most popular items were the magnetic bookmarks which barely move online. Sold about 16-17. I have more to list like these.


-*-Megan-*- said...

I bet that was stressful not knowing what to think or how to be prepared! But that's great you learned something from it. Your bookmarks are adorable!

Miss Val's Creations said...

These magnetic bookmarks are a great idea! I tend to sell different items on-line than in person. It's funny how that works!