Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Survived!

The weekend was long but hopefully created alot of memories for the boys, certainly for us. They were several memorable moments. On one of our shopping trips, the little one only wanted Curious George BandAids and subsequently had various ailments needing one every hour or so. The big one had a birthday party to attend and had very close encounters with cake frosting. The biggest one (DH) seemed to regress a bit and was not sure where FROZEN pizzas should be placed! All in all, it was exhausting which basically sets in cement the saying "Child rearing is for the young!". The little one also loves baths and the photo is his wonderful wet head...yes, he's got amazing hair. He also wanted to learn to knit and with scissors, a crochet hook and an old ball of yarn proceeded to litter the house with cotton bits! The biggest success was bug macaroni and cheese...pasta in insect shapes was plate licking good. They also arranged the rings on this "hand"...good job guys!


Amy said...

sounds fun :)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

sounds exhausting! where do kids get the energy?

Web CRM said...

sounds really fun