Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Just when you think everything is going along nicely.....%^+#(*X#$%)+X!!!

DH and I drive to NY every fall to see his Dad who's about to be 94. We are going earlier this year than in the past because the son of a college buddy is being married and we thought "Let's do both!" Getting the shop set and ready for fall and for the holidays has been my push which has created a migration of items from the studio to the office for photos and listings. While we both are slowly preparing for this trip-read: leaving stuff all over the place because maybe we'll want to take it, Dear Son, who is preparing for an Ironman Triathalon crashed his bike the other day and separated his shoulder (even though he landed on his head hard enough to crack his helmet) while his wife is nursing a major sinus flare up. DH and I watched the boys for a bit so they both could see various internists, allergists, orthopedists and pharmacists. And now Hurricane Hanna....close friends may be in the path and are deciding when to evacuate and come to us. Of course I want them, but remember that pre-trip/pre-holiday mess I mentioned? Oh, and did I tell you that upon our return DH will probably quit his job? Don't even ask!!!!!

But I'm still knitting~soft and cuddly!
A ray of moonshine this evening...I've been featured on this blog. Check it out....Sue of TackyHandMade did a great job. Thank you!!!!

2 comments: said... are in a valley at the moment. I recognize them when I see them, I've been through a few/a lot myself. Those are usually the places where I do the most growing. I am sending you a special hug and if I could I would softly tell you that "everything will be ok". It doesn't feel like it now but it will.
p.s. Your friends won't mind the stuff, they just want/need you :)
Here's a Blog Hug: ((((((HUG))))))

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