Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Since I entered the world of on-line sales I have learned about so many ways to promote your item, your craft, yourself. I have taken advantage of many areas such as this one, blogging, and many others. But being a bit old-fashioned, I always felt the newspaper would be a great area to pursue. Back in 2007 I launched a fairly regular letter writing campaign to get my shop on etsy and etsy in general in the news. No one even had the courtesy to answer until about 3 weeks ago. I e-mailed a journalist in the regional newspaper who focused on my town and she responded immediately. A photographer was dispatched to my house to take pictures...don't ask how long it took to clean up the studio!- and the result was in the paper this past Tuesday. It was a generally a good article except that ALL ABOUT THE BUTTONS wasn't even mentioned....ugh! Hopefully anyone coming to etsy through the article might search clocks and I'll be there...hopefully! Speaking of clocks, here's a new one to be listed soon...

4 comments: said...

What a nice thing you did. I'm so sorry to hear they didn't even mention you. Call the editor and explain...maybe tell him YOUR readers are not happy to hear this.
Maybe they will place a correction in the next paper.
Your etsy is very sweet :)

Carol said...

Barbra...that's great news...but a bummer that they didn't even mention All About The Buttons! Makes you wonder about reporters, doesn't it!!

Jennifer said...

I love your creations! You are an amazing artist. The brown pillow with button grids is amazing. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I guess it takes one to know one!

BellaColle' said...

It can be soo frustrating sometimes!
At least you promote! That takes alot to write letter like that..
One day it will pay off! Your creations are wonderful.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.