Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Update.....

Our friends did come to get out of Hanna's way. Fortunately, Hanna wanted to get out of their way and by-passed their area....major sigh! We had great fun shopping and eating and shopping and drinking and shopping and laughing get the picture! Although they have very decent shopping where they live, there are a handful of stores here that they crave and must visit. The house is back together and now we can create new messes in preparation for our trip.
The darling son with the separated shoulder is going for physical therapy but is forbidden to swim for at least 2 weeks. This might put a serious dent in his triathalon training. He is also wearing one of those black tape thinga-majiggies that was seen being worn by the women playing beach volleyball in the Olympics. He says it does help....that and ibuprophen.
Okay, what else? Oh, DH's job.... not good on that front but one thing I've learned after living this long-peace of mind is more valuable than money in the bank. So if he decides to quit, I'm right there with him. If he stays, I'm still here.
But now I'm going up to the studio to find a missing hat!!! I listed one in the shop the other day,have another ready for pix but was positive I had 3.....hmmmmm!


jeweledrabbit said...

Hi, Barb. Thanks for the compliment on my choker. :o)

What does your hubby do, and why does he want to quit his job?

jeweledrabbit said...

I've worked retail. All I have to say is it's the poops.

I hope your hubby finds something better. :o)

Michelle said...

Thanks Barbra for your nice comment! I had an outdoor show scheduled for this past weekend in DE and it was cancelled due to Hanna. Hope it's good for this weekend!