Friday, January 18, 2008

The busier you are....

the busier you are!!! It just seems this week was busy and my mind is exploding with new 'products'. The upside is that the mental, creative stimulation is great. The downside is finding time to execute the ideas. One idea-and it shall remain known only to me-failed miserably. It's okay for me to keep but not something I am proud enough to sell. I have 2 other ideas and this clock is one. Believe it or not the base is an old CD! Creatively it will allow me to use great backgrounds with wonderful papers and not be limited to the plates and tiles I have been using. Naturally, they will include buttons. I think it's cool and this one would be great in a boy's room, a den or your guy's workshop. It's on etsy and later today I will put up the 2nd clock, quite different from the background of this one. My last idea is still under construction but I think there's potential. Time will tell...I just need more time!


e. beck said...

very cool idea to use a cd!

Calabash Creations said...

What a perfect clock for a boy's room. I love it! You really have been busy!

BellaColle said...

I love it!! If my monkies wouldn't destroy it... it would be a must!!
very lovely..
I think the heart clock in your sidebar is delightful!
Thank you so much for your kind words..

High Desert Diva said...

I like the 3D effect with the buttons

KrisW said...

OK, Barbra...I just love your stuff! I'm heading over to your Etsy shop in a bit. Thanks AGAIN for the great Holiday KALCAL prize. I love it!
Now, consider yourself "tagged". See at my blog. Have a great weekend!
Kris in NH