Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hot Numbers

There is always tremendous talk on Etsy regarding item and shop views and how they relate to sales. What is the thinking behind hearting an item? For future purchase? Kindness? Bookmarking? There are even outside sites where you can clearly see those numbers.
My independent research shows little or no correlation. I have sold items within 5 minutes of posting and just 2-3 views which leads me to think right customer, right moment when it was posted. Period! On Zibbet there are no public views and the internal counts can be confusing. I've been going through my items and while renewing, I found some startling numbers of items that have been around for a bit and have high view counts and hearts. A sale is a sale whether it has 2 views, 22 or 222!
Here's some great 'old' stuff, high views, numerous hearts and without a rhyme or reason, they're still here!
Groovy Clock

Cigar Box Clock

Heart Clock

Chenille Scarf


reneek said...

These clocks are cute.

ModredVintage said...

Love the groovy clock. The only logic behind sales that I've learned is that there is no logic. :) This bothered me at first, because I like "logic," but as time goes on I just learn to roll with it and be happy when I get a sale. If you ever figure out a logic let me know.

PussDaddy said...

I don't think hearting always means a whole lot when it comes to sales. I know I would heart just so I could find the item to put it in a treasury, and then unheart it later. Or I would heart it simply because I liked looking at it and always wanted it handy but I never intended to buy it. I hearted most stuff to put on Etsy mini's too but that didn't mean I was going to buy it and I would unheart it later. So I am not sure how much hearting correlates to sales.


Kathy Martin said...

I think your right Barbara....just need one buyer and it depends on when that one person for that one item connects! :)

Mamasakio said...

I've tried to figure it out myself as well, Barbra... but I guess sales count and hearts and views do indicate the popularity of an item (quality of the picture? unique design?)... there I go again LOL :-) Shirley

Barbra said...

Okay, so everyone agrees with me and I still have this olde 'stuff'!!!!

Christina (Ume) said...

Hi Barbra! I agree -- I mean I guess higher views means that your items are being seen, but in truth I think if an item sells it is usually because of a specific search or because of an impulse buy (at least from what I see!) As for hearts, I usually heart things so I can find them for treasury making...

hearts and views don't necessarily mean sales. I have some items with over 500 views that never have sold and some others with 50 that sell pretty fast. Luck of the draw!

(And thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad that there are other educators cum crafters around!)