Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seven Days

It is gorgeous outside today and DH and I went for a ride to a part of town we never knew and learn. We had lunch out and now I'm ready to nap. It's been a busy couple of weeks with holidays and company and appointments. Now we must rest up for next week's invasion! We are having the boys for a whole week, SEVEN DAYS, but who's counting? They are so well behaved alone and such terrors together we will need all the energy we can muster. With school and Little League and soccer and gymnastics we will really have an action packed SEVEN DAYS, but who's counting?! When your children are grown and out of the house your pace is altered dramatically....easygoing, relaxed and spur of the moment or not. With kids, know! We've only had them for 2 days straight so this will be interesting. I've tried to get ahead on etsy stuff and promos so I can devote all my waking hours to them for all SEVEN DAYS! The little one loves my yarn and takes all the balls out of the nearest basket to 'wrap' the house. The buttons tend to get a bit scattered. The big one is better at entertaining himself and is actually quite helpful but SEVEN DAYS can be a long time. And of course I am worried a bit about the adults as they will be out of the country and don't speak the language. And as you may have guessed, they will be gone for SEVEN DAYS.
So you may not hear from me for awhile as I may be tied up (by the little one and the yarn) and just a bit busy for.....7 days!


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Hope you can survive it!
The weather should be great so make them play outside a lot so you can relax!

BellaColle' said...

ooh ! I am visiting while you are in the midst!! I hear ya about the pace of life..mine..aggggh can't catch my breath.. but look at it this way, you get to really have some one on one time with your grandbabies..You will have to let us know all about it! I hope 'the parents' return home safe and sound. I hope you are having a good week.
Ciao bella!

Frenchell said...

good luck:> hope you survive the 7 days