Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time Flies Slowly

It's January 26 and this devilish month is finally coming to an end. Even though I'm in the south, it's been cold and we haven't had the normal breaks with 55-65 degree days...just cold. We had a beastly summer, followed by a non-existent autumn and now this winter. And guess what? Our area will be invaded by the 13 year cicada in no spring. Not familiar with cicadas? NOISY, huge and crunchy. They are not harmful to humans but their noise can be deafening...nice,eh? Some people eat them....uh,no!
So with a questionable 2 seasons past,a bad current one and the future, murky, I vow to ignore the weather. Think it's possible? The universal conversation starter? One can hope!
Meanwhile where are my gloves?

Can anyone think of something creative to do with this bugger? Crochet wing covers? Blech!


Portable Graffiti said...

I love the sound of the cicadas. And finding their skins on the trees my daughter always found fascinating. She probably has one or two in her bedroom along with an assortment of other dead things, like skeletons of lizards and etc.

The song of the cicada makes me go right off to sleep.

Raige Creations said...

AT the beginning of cicadas season, I don't mind the sound either, but by the end, I have had enough.
My boys LOVE to find their skins and we have had our fair share of them around the house.
At least it measn warm weather, so let's welcome them!
What to do with them? I'll ask hubby, who once save a big tray full of beetles and dried them (in the oven!!!! yuck) for a future sculpture. The sculpture never happened and we had those beetles on the top shelf of our kitchen forever before the hurricane took them to their natural burial place.
Ahhh bugs.