Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I recognize, understand and have been witness to previous generations criticizing the young ones. New things come along and the older citizens don't get it. Rock 'n' Roll, long hair, war protests...I was there, they didn't get it.
I think of myself differently but I am a (proud) member of the new older generation. I have many of the 21st century toys. Some I don't but I get it, just don't 'need' it all. But I don't understand some things.
Why must you be on the phone 24/7 ?
Why do you have to put on mascarra while driving?
Why is texting while driving so necessay?
And I could go on but the other day I was greatly dismayed.
Our area has a wonderful Saturday food market downtown closing off several blocks and creating a pedestrian mall. This past weekend they added a "Touch the Truck" event for kids....garbage trucks, fire trucks, 18 wheelers and pickups were all parked  allowing little ones to...touch! Great weather and great crowds.
Walking down the street was a young couple pulling a classic little red wagon. Sitting inside was a blonde toddler boy, tucked among his parents' purchases. Cute,cute,cute...yes?
He was playing some electronic hand held device. WHY? It was a beautiful day and lots to look at. Why couldn't life entertain him as he was being pulled along? WHY?
I know, I'm old, but stop and smell the flowers,people!


C said...

Well done, Ms. Buttons! Recently had conversation with 90+ year old Uncle (with ALL his faculties) who commented, with grief in his heart, that we are all so dis-connected in today's world!

You're so very articulate...always a pleasure to read you!

JoJo said...

Well said. I've seen a cartoon where the kid is in the livingroom playing a videogame and the mom is saying, "it's a beautiful day! go outside and play!" and the next panel shows the kid outside the window with the game controller wires thru the window while he continues to play his game.