Monday, April 23, 2012

T for Tea!

I always associated drinking tea with being sick. Along with toast (another T!) I never disliked hot tea but never sought it out unless my throat hurt or I had an unsettled feeling. Three years ago I bought some commercial flavored teas and really enjoyed them. But since I always love to buy handmade I searched and found the Teaman.  I purchased a sampler package and fell in love. Never a fan of any of the mints I preferred the fruit flavors and the vanilla, green and black tea alike.
Now, remember, I love coffee. In fact my kitchen, the one I only cook in because it's there?, has a coffee theme but I have come to prefer tea at night. Warm, delicious, soothing and although I no longer seek it out when I feel under the weather, it always makes me feel better.
Check out the Teaman, whose name....are you ready?...T for Tim!

I carry teabags in my purse, secure in this:


JoJo said...

That little teabag carrier is darling! Did you make it? I like iced tea (from a mix), but I tend to only make hot tea if I have a chill I can't shake or I'm sick.

Amy@10th Ave. said...

I read so much about the health benefits of herbal teas that I *finally* grew to like it after several I have it almost every day! I love your teabag carrier--it's adorable!

Lucy Adams said...

I like to sit down for a few minutes in the afternoons and sip a hot cup of herbal tea.