Saturday, April 7, 2012


I know the initial purpose of a garage was to house and protect the car. But they have also become warehouses for
gardening equipment,
old art,
paper towels,
out of season cushions,
packing materials,
garbage cans,
artwork not worthy of being indoors,
laundry supplies,
excess big box purchases,
Yes, those are just some of my garage's contents and it drives me nuts. You cannot open a car door for fear of hitting a planter pot on one side or a 3' by 5' mirror on the other or the other car, with little green or white dings to prove it's happened. The mirror was moved here almost 10 years ago, never hung inside but it can't leave!!!
It's a nearly impossible space to keep clean....think oil drops, leaves, spiders and more. It has been, past tense, the residence of a 4' black snake, a bird and a black widow spider, to my knowledge. Who knows what other creatures have come and gone (hopefully)?
But I am grateful to have it, nonetheless. For 6 years in new York I didn't have one...think snow, so I am appreciative.

I am happy that we can put the cars inside but I just wish someone, anyone would clean it up. Are you listening, Mr. Someone???

UPDATE: He listened and didn't read this post. The garbage can is full. There's a nice pile for the yard sale and the floor is squeaky clean....almost. Hopefully the mouse we disturbed finds a new home!


Grandmother Carolyn said...

GEE, it looks like organized chaos to me!

Nicole said...

I know just what you mean! When we had a garage, it was rare for it to have enough space to house a car. More often than not, it housed a motorcycle & lots of 'stuff' ... I would be so happy to organize your garage if I were closer!

Barbra said...

Thanks,Nicole. sending you a plane ticket ASAP. Seriously there's just always an excuse about why NOT to do it!

a.eye said...

I am more a fan of carports so that stuff doesn't pile up in a garage!

Good luck getting rid of stuff... looks fairly organized, though!

JoJo said...

I had a large 2 car garage at my house in Washington State and it was hard to keep it organized. Now I don't have one at this rental home and i miss it.