Friday, April 6, 2012


I am not a floral, flowery person. I virtually never wear prints of any sort, just a rare stripe or check. I don't decorate my home with florals either-no photos of buds or sprigs and no flowered chair anywhere! I do have plants indoors as well as outside and if one of them decides to bloom, I'm over the moon.
There is nothing like this time of year for flowers and I do enjoy them. When my hard work from digging in clay soil rewards me with a perennial bloom, I am gaga!
So today I just want to share my 2012 far! The last photo is an odd,yet beautiful flower from an indoor plant. You'll have to wait for the "O" post to see my about over the moon!!!!


Grandmother Carolyn said...

Fantastic, Barbra! Love the flowers, and thought for a minute that you have been in MY garden.....we grow the same pink Thrift, we have the same flowering tree!

Thanks for sharing,

Abracadebra Designs said...

Beautiful flowers, Looks like such a happy place to be. Great pics, too. Happy Easter.