Friday, April 13, 2012

Lessons Learned

The other day my daughter-in-law called with a question about the 6 year old's homework. As she was asking me the question about the lesson, she realized what the teacher meant on the assignment so I actually never answered. (For those who don't know-I was an elementary school techer for over 30 years.)
It got me thinking about lessons, how we learn and greatly, what we retain.
It is amazing how what we don't use, we lose or it morphs into something else. I taught the exact lesson my grandson was learning for decades but I don't think about it anymore, ever, and neither does my daughter-in-law which is why she mis-read it to start. The student actually got it and had been arguing with her! 

I do believe the first 3-4 years of school includes information we will always use, no matter our profession or life course. Reading, writing and arithmetic....they used to be called the "3 Rs" though only one word started with an 'r'! I used to tell the parents I believed in another set of Rs...responsibility,responsibility and responsibility.
The curriculum load has grown hugely over the years and has been pushed down the grade chain. A great deal is expected of kids today but they can do it as long as they are responsible about their learning. And then all the lessons will be learned and hopefully retained.

Lesson learned reagarding gardens:
Perennials, perennials,perennials...initial work but less as the years go on! Sit back and watch them grow!

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JoJo said...

I admire anyone who is my age (late 40s) and back in school. I know I couldn't force myself back into the habit of studying, homework and tests. I love to learn but don't want to do any work.