Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zibbet!

Such an obvious choice! And so easy to write about but since I've done it before I won't go on and on. Aside from a few tiny issues that need tweaking, Zibbet, in my opinion is the best online, handmade venue out there today. Yes, Etsy started the ball rolling but has lost some of its mojo. After being there and on and off 5-6 other sites, I know a good site when I see it. In June it will be 3 years on Zibbet and every minute has been a treasure. I was the featured seller this week which actually is the 2nd time. I think the first time was when there were less than 50 members and the post wasn't archived so they posted me again. So if you want to know more about me, read it!
It is fitting that this last challenge post is a Z as Zibbet is the last site I will put any effort towards. If you're thinking about a move or starting to sell online, it is THE place to be.

Credit for the above photo goes to Portable Graffiti , a great Zibbet source for buttons, vintage and graphics...visit!

Regarding Saturday's Y one guessed why it was a Y post. Go back and read it and guess. I'll tell you later!


JoJo said...

i've not yet heard of Zibbet! I had moderate success on Etsy a few years ago but I find their listing procedure very cumbersome. All of my photos had to be re-sized to fit on Etsy, and that was just too hard. Is the process on Zibbet easier?

Grandmother Carolyn said...

So good, Ms. Buttons! Zibbet IS the end-all site when it comes to on-line selling and shopping!
Grandmother Carolyn

Portable Graffiti said...

Nice blog post! Thanks for using my Zibbet button! And to JoJo, I don;t have to resize any photos on Zibbet. They go right in. Very easy listing process.

Mariana Romo-Carmona said...

Hi, Barbra- I've read your Y post over and over and I can't think *why* it's *y*... In Spanish it means *and* but I'm stumped! Great blog, see you around the ZBox!