Saturday, April 14, 2012


As a child it was so exciting to get mail directly addressed to you....maybe a letter from Grandma in Florida or a postcard from a traveling aunt, certainly birthday cards...all handwritten sentiments.
Not so much today!
Junk mail
Political notices...sorry, I already said junk mail!
Sales flyers
And did I say bills?
But every once in a while the excitement comes back.
Today, my mail included:
a wedding save-the-date card for the daughter of old college friends who thought she'd never 'settle' down. 
a check for $14.62 that AT&T had owed me for 2+ years
a notice that my AARP membership has expired
2 magazines
1 catalog for sailing accessories...?
a discount card for an oil change
the electric bill
2 charity requests with address labels & my name was misspelled on all of them

Most excitedly, a handwritten thank you note from my grandson for our contribution to his baseball team...sweet and a reminder of the past.
Ahhhh, the good ole days!


JoJo said...

This week my mail has consisted of bills and a grand jury summons. :( "Back in the day" I belonged to an international pen pal club and had letters pouring in every day from all over the world, plus from my friends and family on the east coast (I was living on the west coast at the time). I would spend HOURS handwriting letters back to everyone. I miss those days.

Connie Mitan said...

I used to write letters to some of my family back in Ohio, but most of them have passed on, so I don't have anyone left to write to.
Sometimes I wonder if pen-pals still exist, or if everyone just write emails or leaves comments on FB....

Abracadebra Designs said...

When my daughter was little, she once asked me while visiting my Mother why only adults get mail. Two days later my daughter received a letter in the mail from her Grandmother, and she was so excited to get it. Even though my Mother only lives a half hour away and we see her all the time, ever since then she has been sending my daughter birthday and holiday cards in the mail, along with the cards she gives her when we meet up for occasions. Thankfully, that day she also taught her the fine skill of handwriting Thank You notes. ;)

Liwi said...

Very true...bills bills bills! That's why I love sending letters and cards to friends, and getting them of course! It's always so fun to get mail that doesn't reek or responsibility and work! And so much nicer than just emails too!

Looking forward to more of your posts! I'm also doing the A-Z Challenge!

Bevie said...

It's amazing we still ge snail mail,but have to admit most of mine are either junk mail or bills...I just joined Zibbet on the 10th but just added some of my so happy to meet my first friend on that site...I'm always looking for Buttons...BIG buttons.

Raige Creations said...

I had the worst experience at the mailbox recently, one I never had before. The card from Gram, who always sends something for the kids for every holiday, even if not a big one, was open on both sides. Not the actually opening, but the sides. I knew there was a gift of some sort in there, so knew it was missing. Turns out 3 gift cards disappeared and she was out over $100. The PO said 'it must have been the machine' but I have my doubts. I know they will never turn up. AARRGGG. So now we swear never to send those things thru the mail. It's a shame, but better than losing $.

Andrea said...

I love seeing a colorful envelope without the address window! Real mail!